When Is A Forcep Delivery Required

When Is A Forcep Delivery Required

Being a parent is not easy and we are not talking about the part when you welcome your newborn to the family. Even before birth, there are hundreds of things that you need to know and take care of in order to make sure that both, the baby and the mother are in the best of health. This also includes discussions with your doctor to decide what kind of delivery you should opt for.

To make this a little more informative for you, we will talk about the process of forceps delivery  and when it might be needed.

Now, you probably might have heard some things about forceps  delivery that aren't very nice. But, when you are in the hands of a good medical practitioner, there is nothing to be scared of.

What Is It?

Forceps delivery a type of assisted delivery where a medical personnel brings the baby out with a forceps through the vagina while you are pushing. However, these types of deliveries are only performed in well-equipped hospitals because if the attempt fails, an immediate C-section can be done.

When Is It Absolutely Necessary?

All doctors throughout the world almost unanimously prefer normal delivery without any type of assistance or C-section, but there are instances which call for assistance like pulling out the baby with a forceps.

What are those instances? Read on to find out.

No progression of labour

When you go into labour, the doctor will ask you to push which will bring out the baby through the vagina from where the doctor will pull it out by the head. But in many cases, even after pushing for quite some time, there is no progression. In such a scenario, the doctor has to enter a forceps to bring the baby out.

Detection of fetal abnormality

At times, when you are fully dilated and the baby is coming out at a normal pace, doctors may detect certain abnormal changes in the baby’s heartbeat. Wasting any more time than usual could be fatal for the baby.

Failure to Push

If you are suffering from any heart disorders or high blood pressure then you might  not be able to push for the required amount of time. Under such circumstances, your doctor might opt for assisted delivery with forceps.

Trust Your Doctor

So, now you know that even though there are a number of risks related to forceps delivery, at times it is essential and is required for saving the baby as well as the mother. Trust your doctor as they are the best people to guide you to take your first step as a parent.


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