Psychologists Say Moms Need Mom-Only Vacations And We Couldn’t Agree More

Psychologists Say Moms Need Mom-Only Vacations And We Couldn’t Agree More

33-year-old Purvi is a home baker and mum to 5-year-old Vihaan. This Mumbai mom quit her high-paying tech job to raise her only son and started her baking business when he was three. She was losing herself to a fast-paced, exhausting life as an urban mom and had reached the brink of frustration till one day she and two of her other mommy friends decided to take a momcation - a mom only vacation without the husbands or kids.

“My three-day trip to Bangkok without my kid was my best holiday till date,” Purvi recalls.

“We were young again, it was so much fun!” She adds.

Psychologists of late are highly recommending mom-cations. They say mothers need to take a break once in a while for minimum two days to fully take some “me-time.” They also added that mom-cations will do good not only for the mom but for the entire family.

Now we give a big thumbs up for this recommendation. High-flying women are suddenly expected to leave their identities behind once they’re mothers and focus only on motherhood, 24X7.

Most mums willingly take the decision to quit their jobs to be with their child, she doesn't have lose herself to motherhood. She can and should, have a life of her own that extends beyond diapers and feeding schedules.


“How can a mother leave her child alone?” Yes, most judgemental “well-wishers” might ask this. So here are the several advantages for taking that much-needed mom-cation.


The mum will come back rejuvenated

Doesn’t a holiday refresh a stressed-out person? Well mom-cations work that way too. A mum needs a break from revolving around the child day in and day out so that she can come back all refreshed and calmer.


She will appreciate home more

Distance makes the heart fonder and this works for mums too. A mum will come back as a better wife and mom and appreciate the home more post a mom-cation.


The family will learn to adjust

When the mom is away, it is probably a good time for the dad, child and other members of the family to cope without her. They will end up respecting all her efforts and that’s exactly what moms want - a little appreciation for all that they do.


She can truly enjoy “me time”

We all know vacations with kids are not truly vacations and play dates do not really justify as me time. Few nights away with friends will definitely allow a mum to become that little girl again where she can laugh and talk without being interrupted by a tiny human’s susu call.


So take that vacation mums, when is up to you. Because you need it and deserve it!


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from wdrb


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