The Ultimate Check List Before Pregnancy

The Ultimate Check List Before Pregnancy

9 Jun 2015 | 3 min Read

Lina Duncan

Author | 12 Articles

It’s always good to start a story at the very beginning. How can you prepare yourselves BEFORE conceiving? Here’s five tips for starters.

1. Diet: Ever heard the phrase “You are what you eat?” Well, only you know what you are eating on a daily basis and whether it is good for you! What we do know in very recent times its that the “microbiome” (healthy bacteria) in our environment and in our diet can really have an impact on not only ourselves, but when we are growing a baby too. Probiotics can heal a damaged gut and help create a good microbiotic environment in the gut. Do an evaluation of your diet and make changes before trying to conceive. Eat foods high in iron and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Explore “superfood” options.


2. Exercise: is great and a really healthy stress reliever, especially for city-dwellers! Research shows that high stress levels in a pregnant mother can pass to the baby through the placenta via bacteria. It’s a good idea to get healthy and fit and find a form of exercise you can do together, like walks together after work or going to the gym or an exercise class. Not only will you be having fun, but you will develop new methods of relaxing and keeping healthy too.


3. Fluids: Avoid toxic fluids like too much alcohol, too much sugar and too much caffeine. Any cut backs in these groups can only do you good. Often women don’t know they are pregnant straight away. Too much of these fluids, or recreational drugs and environmental toxins can cause developmental problems to the baby. The most sensitive period is the first few weeks. Keep up your healthy fluids to avoid Urinary Tract Infections. A warm nimbupanniwith a pinch of rock salt can be a healthy morning starter, coconut water and healthy juices in addition to water are good otpions throughout the day.


4. Lifestyle: Get enough sleep. Find ways of relaxing. Evaluate your home and daily lifestyle for any toxins. Avoid highly fumigated activities like painting etc if you could be pregnant. Consider quitting smoking before conceiving.

You can start taking a multi vitamin or eating foods high in folate such as broccoli, spinach, eggs, oranges, chick peas. Think about changing the rice / sugar/ salt you cook with / eat to a more healthy option. Consider a check up with the dentist so you can fix anything that needs to be repaired before pregnancy. If you are on any long term medication you can check with your doctor if it’s compatible with pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about any issues related to your family history  or personal health.


5. Start thinking about who you want to be your main care provider. Consider what kind of pregnancy care you want. Shop around and ask other women about their experiences. What kind of birth you hope for, may influence your decision for which doctor or other care provider you choose.