Crime Reporting With A Baby And A Special Piece Of Cloth


Life changes after a baby, but for Raina Assainar, life after babywearing took a turn for the better! This journalist and mom of two found a way to follow her passion while being with her baby and it has a lot to do with a special piece of cloth. Her story and pictures will amaze you as it amazed us to no end. Here’s more about her journey.


How has being a journalist changed for you after being a mom?

When I became a mom for the first time, my employer decided for me that I should take a break. For close to three years, I tried approaching many leading newspapers and all of them had the same thing to say, 'With a baby, we are not sure if you would be able to do justice to job. ' Even as I was sure of managing my work life and family as I had my in-laws with me, everywhere I was questioned and that was very frustrating. I took up a lot of boring content writing work only for killing my time and to be in the habit of writing.



How do you think employers perceive to-be mothers/new mothers/women with children in general as prospective employees?

Like I said, the fact that at most places, the top most person, say an editor, is mostly a man, speaks what the perception in general in the industry is.


Help us understand your babywearing journey better.

I got introduced to babywearning through social media when my elder one was probably around 3 years. The pictures used to be so heart warming that I had decided to start babywearing when I have my second one. But I had never in my wildest dreams thought that babywearing would become my necessity. It is now an extension to my motherhood journey and a part of my identity.


After almost 3 years of career break, when I got back to my passion of 'crime reporting,' I got to know that I was pregnant. I was indeed happy, but I wished if it could be postponed. I didn't wish to take another break. I worked till the last hour of my delivery; filed a story just before I was taken to OT. I became a mommy again and I didn't know how things would be. I was ready with a preloved hybrid wrap to start my babywearing journey.


After my 3 months of bedrest, one fine day, I decided to step out and start again. I had an important press conference to attend and my heart didn't allow me to leave my baby behind. I decided to wear her in the hybrid wrap. She slept through the conference amidst all the noise. That was my first day on the field and since then, there has been no looking back. Police stations, corporation, commissionerates, trains, buses, hospitals, schools, she had been to all those places even before she was six-months-old. I carried pumped milk too to be used in emergency.



What kind of reactions do you get when you baby wear your younger one to work?

People would ask me, “Why would you carry your child to work? Don't you have anyone at home to look after? Why are you troubling her? My baby would be cozily sleeping in the wrap and yet people would think that she is in trouble! But there have been more positive comments than negative. More people, especially police officials have always said good words, motivating me to do what I had been doing.


How easy it is, do you think, for women to get back to work after a break?

Not easy but definitely not impossible . Your health, body and mind changes after childbirth. A supportive partner and in-laws can do wonders. Not all have the luxury of carrying baby to work. In corporate houses, if they provide a daycare facility too then that would be the best thing they would do for a woman.


If there was one thing that you would like to tell moms planning to go on a break/deciding to work again, what would it be?

Baby wear as much as you can. It saves time, you can bond well and also do your work. If you can't carry baby at work place, babywear while at home, you would be able to manage the day in much better way. Eat, cook, clean, manage your all routine chores along with baby wearing. Career and motherhood both are important aspects of woman's life. While some choose to take both ahead, some choose to focus only on one. Whatever your choices are, don't forget to be kind to yourself.

Hats off to you Raina, for inspiring young moms to baby wear and not doubt their abilities to work or follow their dreams after becoming a mother. Here’s to more babywearing moms and happy babies!


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I wish I knew this before

Raina Assainar you are truly a SUPERSTAR

Raina you are right baby wearing is not always trouble to baby.

At most places, the top most person is mostly a man.https://www.19216801.pag e login

Only a mother has the ability to adapt such things

U r inspiring raina...

Raina u r great.. I'm also a media person but after delivery I don't able to think again for my career but now I'll think.. thanku

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