Two Mothers Are Making Snack Time Easy, Healthy & Tasty For Little Ones

Two Mothers Are Making Snack Time Easy, Healthy & Tasty For Little Ones

The idea of creating food for kids initially hit Shauravi Malik & Meghana Narayan when they were both working in London. Every time they would visit India, their friends with children would ask them to get certain food products for their children.

Around the same time, Shauravi started to read up on food voraciously and watched the movie Food Inc. She then made Meghana and everyone she knows, watch it. If you haven't seen it - you must! It is the SINGLE most seminal documentary on the food sector that everyone should see. This sparked a journey where they researched and started to change how they ate in their own homes. Healthier, more mindful and focus on slow cooking!

“And while we realised that there was definitely a gap of healthy eating options in the children’s food market in India, it is only when we had our own children that we truly understood the trials and tribulations of feeding our kids right. We spent a lot of time studying, sourcing and understanding the several problems with the food chain today. This context above of people asking us and the gaps we faced ourselves were the trigger for us to set up Slurrp Farm.”

Slurrp Farm on Babychakra!

BabyChakra was one of the first few online marketplaces on which Slurrp Farm introduced their initial set of products including cereals made with organic whole grains (for toddlers), zero trans-fat Cookies. Several BabyChakra moms got a chance to try out their products as well. They also launched their Millet Dosa and Pancake Mixes (for everyone) on our platform last year.

Slurrp Farm has now come out with their latest offering - The Mighty Munch & Mighty Puff. These crunchy-munchy snack packs are loaded with nutritional benefits - made with multigrain millets such as ragi & jowar, are NOT fried and contain NO maida, preservatives, artificial colours or transfats. They are available in both savory & sweet flavours like Tangy Tomato, Cheese and Herbs and Choco Ragi. These snack-packs are designed for school going kids to pop into their bags, and their parents too! And at just Rs 20 for a pack, these are definitely a great value deal for all the parents.

Eat like Nani Daadi

“The fundamental notion that drives us is that we need to eat like our grandparents did. The food options that we make available on a shelf are the same as what it would be if we were to make it at home. As consumers, we are all poor on time, but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on food ingredient quality. There have been tremendous improvements in packaging, which we have used and will use to support us in this endeavour. We have been very conscientious about getting the nutritional component right - Once the children get used to eating well from the start, they carry that forward on their own. We have been able to start with a clean slate – No transfat – ie no dalda or edible vegetable oils or hydrogenated fats, no glucose, invert syrup or golden syrup, no high fructose corn syrup, little to no maida.

Slurrp Farm is made by two mothers but has been shaped by many - In a way, we all have been a part of their growth! We love how they use traditional Indian ingredients like millets and lentils with ZERO transfat, less sugar than other brands and little to no maida and preservatives. We cannot wait to try the ALL-NEW Mighty Munch and Might Puff.


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