3 Fun Ways To Do Absolutely Nothing With Your Toddler And Still Have Loads Of Fun!

3 Fun Ways To Do Absolutely Nothing With Your Toddler And Still Have Loads Of Fun!

15 Jun 2015 | 4 min Read

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There’s the gym class, the reading class, the swimming lessons, the park playtime and on days that you have nothing scheduled you plan play dates for your child. Sounds familiar? Well parents here we present to you the anti-thesis to help your child grow – do nothing!


In today’s times, hyper parenting seems to have become the go-to mantra when it comes to raising children. So, it’s hardly surprising to see that a typical child’s schedule is packed with an abundance of activities and lessons. In fact according to a study published by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research children in today’s generation have half the free time than children did 30 years ago. Boy, just reading it sounds exhausting, so imagine just how exhausting managing this schedule must be for you and more so for your child. No, we aren’t blaming your parenting style, but rather the way the society has shaped up over the last few decades. Today, every chance is viewed as an opportunity, the world is more competitive than ever before and the children as a result are paying the price for this haste that the world seems to have gotten into.


As parents the onus is largely on you on when to step on the brakes and when to accelerate the pace. But when people around you seem to be in a tearing hurry it can be hard to make that assessment without feeling a twinge of doubt. So, hear we share with you 3 fun ways that you can do absolutely nothing with your child and take that time to breathe and let your child enjoy life at a slower pace with you by his side:


1. A Starry Night: This may take a bit of planning, but believe us the reaction that you see on your child’s face will make it absolutely worth it. You can either opt to take your child for an overnight camping trip or just plan a simple stroll in a park next to your home at night. The idea is to get your child and you that much needed time alone to connect with each other and the nature. Carry a blanket, apply mosquito repellent and get going. Lay back on the mat with your toddler and enjoy the view. If you are at a campsite, then you could even enjoy some bon fire time and teach your child to make smores while you’re there.


2. By The Sea/ Or At A Famous Monument: Wouldn’t it be fun to just take the day off and spend the day relaxing without a plan in place. If you live by the sea just drive up to the local beach and laze around the sand, let your tot wet his feet in the water and splash around with you. It may not be a grand activity, but it will fill your child with pure joy. In case the sea is not an option, going to any famous city monument will work just as well. Walk by the monument with your child and let your child enjoy the place and touch the walls to explore the place in his own special way.


3. Home Sweet Home: If you don’t feel like stepping outdoors then being indoors can be fun too. Just take the afternoon off to lie down in bed with your child, make silly faces and crack jokes together or tickle his heart out. Believe us it will be better than any class he ever attended.

The best thing you will discover is that your child needs very little to feel joyful and content and so do you. So stop and smell the flowers every once in a while and hold your little tot’s hand while you do so! The flowers and your child will blossom that much better because we stopped to  notice!


What are some of the ways you spend time with your child. Write in we would love to know

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