Mauritian Holiday

Mauritian Holiday

18 Jun 2015 | 2 min Read

Baby Chakra

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The Mumbai heat topped with boredom struck highly energetic toddler at home, we finally decided it’s time for a mini vacation ( well we call it mini because we have a little 4 month old too ) and travelling for too many days wouldn’t be ideal at this point. After multiples rounds of research we zeroed on Mauritius for various reasons.

1. The Weather: winter starts in July and hence the weather during end of May is extremely pleasant

2. Almost every 4 star & 5 star resorts have their own private beach with shallow water. Of course you have to keep a watch on your little one but they can very much be on their between the sand and water

3.What I figured that almost all resorts in Mauritius are extremely child friendly. Most of them have a kids club which hosts a variety of activities throughout the day.

4. Apart from pristine white beaches, Mauritius is home to a lovely zoo called the Casela National Park with picture perfect animals that you see in the books. My son loved every minute out there with a very close interaction with the zebra and ostrich

5. In terms of food most luxury resorts offer all meals as a package( highly recommended) with a separate menu for kids.

6. Getting there: Air Mauritius flies a couple of times a week and after the first trip my son was looking forward to be on board again. They provide some fun activity kits for children with a special kids meal all favourite among children.

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