Involving Your Spouse In The Pregnancy Journey

Involving Your Spouse In The Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy is a special journey anyway but what makes it even more special is when it's shared with the one that you love. Here we tell you just how to take your partner along on the pregnancy ride.

You are the one who experiences the backaches; the sore limbs and the sickness yes that's true. However, you are also the only one who experiences every kick, every move as your baby grows inside your body. You are the one who receives all the compliments on how you are glowing and how lovely you look in your mommy-to-be avatar. You are also the one who receives all the attention and care while you are going through this major change in your life. And while the spotlight is on you there is one special person watching from the sidelines despite being an (almost) equal partner in your parenting journey - your spouse. Pregnancy can often become such an overwhelming and all consuming experience for the woman that it becomes difficult to remember that there is another person who is also part of this journey with you. And the fact that you are the only one who experiences all the bodily changes doesn't help matters. Daddies-in-the-making often feel neglected or left out of the loop once their wives become pregnant. But that doesn't have to be the case. He can depend on you to count him in on this special experience at every possible juncture. And here we share some tips to help you do just that.


1. Buy Him The Book:

The market is full of books on pregnancy and how women will experience changes and how their baby will grow as the pregnancy progresses, and we are sure you have laid your hands on all the books you possibly can. Now it's his turn to do some learning. So buy him some dads to be books there are some great titles these days you can choose from. Alternately you can sign both of you'll up on a parenting newsletter (such as the one we have here at babychakra) to help him keep abreast of what he can expect in the months to come and also answer any questions he may have but is afraid to ask.


2. Keep Doctors Appointments Together:

By being a part of the doctor's visits, your spouse will have the opportunity to learn first hand about the progress both the baby and you are making. What's more he can have an active voice on all the decision-making such as the kind of birth plan, the procedures, the tests that are optional  among many other things that are a part of any normal pregnancy. Even if its just a regular visit, make sure he tags along, after all it will give him that precious chance to listen to his baby's heartbeat every time.


3. Kick It Up Together:

Make sure you include your partner in all the baby's movements you start to experience, as the baby grows bigger. He may not be around all the time to cop a feel of your belly, but whenever he is around, give him a chance to connect with his happy feet baby growing in your belly.


4. Make Time To Connect:

Your partner may start viewing as this fragile piece of glassware when you first become pregnant. It then becomes your job to ease his fears and tell him it's al-right to connect with each other just as you used to before. Weather its hugging each other at night and sleeping or its your special time between the sheets, make sure you find the time to get intimate with each other just like you did before the pregnancy.


5. Plan Your Labour Day:

It is important that you include your spouse in the birth plan you have in mind. You need to take a joint decision on whether he would be present in the delivery room, or you want it to be a home birth or any other elements you have thought of during birth. This will also help you communicate the plan clearly with your doctors, so that while you are in the throws of labour your partner can take over.


6. Take A prenatal Class:

Sign up for this one both of the fun and the learning experience. The classes help provide the spouse with an opportunity to learn the role they need to play during the birthing experience and also allow them to understand the nuances of childcare with a new born baby. This is bound to be fun and enriching as an experience for the both of you.


7. The Baby Room And Things:

Planning your baby's nursery and shopping for the baby's things is another area that you can have your spouse actively involved in. Yes they might not gush over the cute onesies or the blankets like you will, but believe us they will enjoy the experience of building their baby's room together with you nonetheless.

8. Involve Him In The Baby Shower:

Yes we know the shower is all fun and games that women are likely to enjoy more. But believe us, your spouse too wants in on the fun in this one. And that's because it is the first real celebration for the baby that is due to arrive, and he wants to be a part of it. So, make sure you have a few of his friends invited too and have your friends plan some games for the two of you'll together. Not only will it be a blast to celebrate this special moment with him, but it will also be a great way to have him share the experience with  him.

There are still a number of things you and partner can do together before the baby arrives and takes over your lives. So make sure that you spend this time together as much as you can doing all the things that you enjoyed doing together, before you'll became parents.



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