Getting Kids Ready For School Is As Good As An Extra Day At Office: Study

Getting Kids Ready For School Is As Good As An Extra Day At Office: Study

If you are a school-going child's parent, we assume that your day typically starts pretty early in the morning. Morning is the time of mammoth tasks: the breakfast and tiffins, the uniforms that need to be ready along with the bags, shoes and the kids that need to be woken up as well. If you're a working parent, we can throw in some unfinished laundry and your chores too, so no wonder you're exhausted even before it's 11am.


Even if you're one of those super organised parents who have to-do lists and prep for school the night before, the fact remains that morning's chores tire us out. In fact, a study says that it is as good as completing one whole day at work.


A UK based research that studied 2000 working parents found that they complete an average of 43 tasks before they even get to office.


Some of the tasks included making breakfast and lunch for children, taking them to school, putting a load of laundry, ironing school clothes, defrosting food for dinner (or in some cases, preparing dinner from scratch and making a to-do list - for the next day.


The research was conducted by Kellogg's, the cereal company, and it shows that we urban parents are bound by the wake-up to work and work some more cycle. How then can we ever live lesser stressed lives when we begin our day with exhaustion?

We cannot avoid the race every morning, but we surely can do few things to make mornings more bearable. Here's how:


Prep for breakfast and lunch the day before

Chop veggies, prepare the batter and fill in dry snacks one day before. Frozen masala purees also are a great idea. Saves time and effort.


Sleep on time

Tough in the times of Facebook and Netflix, but getting your night's sleep will make you a better oiled machine in the morning.



Divide chores between you and your spouse. The perfectionist in you might want to do everything, but time is nobody's friend, so divide and conquer.


Let it go

Sometimes, let things go. One sock might be longer than the other, the breakfast might not be up to the mark, but don't fret, take it easy on some days.


Go Zen sometimes at least, dear moms and dads, most of us have a five day work week already. We don't need another one in the morning.


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