5 Baby Habits That Are Not Normal Xyz

5 Baby Habits That Are Not Normal Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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However cute and adorable a baby might be, you always need to remember that babies are little people who are a wee little more complex to understand.It may seem like they only poop, scream, eat and cry. It may look like babies are like open books, and you already know everything about them. Sorry to pop your bubble, it is not true at all.

Every baby has his/her own set of quirks, personality, whims, and fancies. They might have a peculiar kind of a giggle when they really like something. It is cute but all that cuteness turns into a nightmare if your baby spends nights crying hours together and disturbing your sleep cycle too!

All this is normal for a baby to do, here’s something that should become your concern. If you find your baby having any of these habits, you need to be alarmed and take precautions. There could be signs trying to tell you that there’s something seriously wrong with your child and that he/she may need help as soon as possible.

1. Gagging while eating

When the baby is able to feed on formula milk, parents tend to get excited as they will slowly be able to introduce solid food into the baby’s diet. When they do, if the baby keeps on gagging while trying to eat, there’s something wrong!

The baby could either have a sensitive gag reflex or your baby is just not able to swallow and tends to choke on food while swallowing. Although it is normal for your baby to do this initially, if it continues, you need to get your baby checked by a doctor.

This is a serious medical issue, you need to visit a practitioner immediately.

2. Irresponsive

Babies are new to the world and therefore they should be super responsive to stimuli, especially the external ones. The baby needs to have some kind of reaction to external stimuli like sound and touch. So, if the baby still doesn’t respond when you clap or call out his name, then there’s a problem with your baby’s receptive system.

3. Eyes ( Focusing)

The eyes are a gateway to the world. If there’s even the most minor of an issue, eyes can see it all.Almost all babies are born with eyes that can sometimes look like they are cross-eyed. But then they fall back to normalcy. However, if you see your baby not able to exactly focus on the objects and has a different eye movement, it could be an indication of an abnormality. You should be concerned about it!

4.Lying still for hours

If you notice your baby lying still for hours together, it might freak you out totally. It is a sign of your baby’s health being at risk, you might get anxious because of this is a sign of Autism too. Factually, autistic kids lie around a lot and are disinterested in the worldly matters.

5. Not putting on weight

When a baby grows, he grows both physically and mentally. If you see your baby’s height is shooting up but the child isn’t gaining weight, you can tell that your child isn’t gaining weight when you see loose skin or a thin face.

If you notice few wet diapers, something is definitely not right with your baby. You should take your baby to a pediatrician so that you’ll know why your child is unable to gain weight according to his/her age.











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