5 Dos And Don’Ts After Pregnancy

5 Dos And Don’Ts After Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The nine-month period of pregnancy is focused on the well-being of your baby, and it’s essential to their health. However, the period after giving birth is equally essential, as it helps you and your body heal. There are many things that could go wrong during this time, and therefore, it would help to follow these tips for a healthy recovery.

1. Exercise

Avoid strenuous exercises, as your body is still quite vulnerable. Your uterus will go back to its normal size, but your belly fat must be worked on. Try pelvic exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Take short strolls or walks and make sure to breathe deeply through the nose while you do so. Avoid holding your breath while exercising. If you notice some bright red vaginal bleeding after exercising, it would be advisable to stop exercising for the time being.

2. Nature’s calls

It may be painful to excrete during the first few weeks, but it is advised to go to the bathroom and pee every 3-4 hours, even if it isn’t urgent. It helps reduce chances of a urinary tract infection. Don’t force yourself to poop, as the muscles used for this are the ones you used during your delivery. They would still be sore and putting pressure on them isn’t a good idea. Lean forward while trying to poop, as it redirects the pressure.

3. Keep your posture right

It’s important to maintain good posture so the right areas are under pressure. Never bend over to pick up something that has fallen. Instead, spread your feet apart with one foot before the other and bend your knees. Avoid lifting heavy things and making sudden movements. While getting out of bed, it’s better to roll to your side rather than sitting up straight. Sit or lay down every couple of hours to relieve pressure on your body.

4. Eat right

Don’t focus so much on weight loss immediately after delivery. Eat fibrous foods to help you pass motions easily. Drink a lot of water to flush out any toxins in the body and keep you hydrated.

5. Avoid swimming

You will experience vaginal bleeding a few weeks after delivery, which may fade away into spots. Avoid swimming till the bleeding stops completely. Not only is it unhygienic for the other people using the pool, but also increases the chances of you contracting a bacterial infection from the water.