5 Dos And Donts During Pregnancy

5 Dos And Donts During Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The nine months of pregnancy are the most crucial for you and your baby. A lot of your actions during this stage can affect your child for a lifetime. There are a lot of myths around what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. So, here are a couple of important things to keep in mind during these nine months.

1. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

The side effects of consuming alcohol and smoking are going to be seen in your baby. These could be in the form of lower birth weight, learning disabilities and growth lag, all of which come under the category of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The side effects are the same for smoking as well.

2. Sleep As Much As Possible

It may seem impossible on some days to sleep comfortably, but it is essential that you try your best. Sleep helps keep away problems like stress, fatigue and morning sickness. It would help if you created a sleep schedule for yourself with a minimum of seven hours of sleep and stuck to it. It’s easier to get sleep when you have a fixed sleep cycle.

3. Do Take Multivitamins

Even though a lot of you might be averse to taking pills during pregnancy, it is essential for you. A healthy, balanced diet provides nutrition, but it may not be enough.Your body could also be deficient in these minerals, so it is important to find a supplement. Multivitamins contain iron, calcium and other vitamins and minerals in higher doses that are important for mothers. Do consult your doctor before consuming any multivitamins.

4. Hit The Gym

Try to visit the gym, but if you cannot, make sure to do some exercise during the day. Exercising is extremely beneficial for both mother and child. It helps handle insomnia, mood swings and muscle pains. If you are a fitness freak, keep exercising, but keep in mind to do some light exercises. Consult a trainer about the routines that work for you and your body type, depending on the stage of pregnancy.

5. Avoid The Sauna

You may want to detox and relax your aching bones and muscles, but we suggest you find an alternative to the sauna. The high temperatures of saunas and steam rooms could be dangerous for your baby. Especially in the first trimester, it could increase your chances of a miscarriage. Try opting for a full body massage at the spa instead.











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