5 Dos And Donts Of The Second Trimester

5 Dos And Donts Of The Second Trimester

20 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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You have passed your first phase of pregnancy and made it to the second trimester. You should now be showing and are possibly having your belly rubbed by strangers. It’s mildly disturbing, we know. These same strangers are probably also giving you some unsolicited advice, leaving in you a state of confusion of who to listen to and what you should do and what you must strictly forbid during this second trimester.

We have made this task a little easier on you. Below is a list of some of the dos and don’ts of this next phase.

The Dos

1. Begin curating your maternity wardrobe

As your bump is growing probably faster than you thought, now is the best time to invest in maternity clothes. Our advice would be to pick comfort over style this trimester. Swap those heels for some good pairs of comfortable shoes. However, you don’t need to give up on fashion altogether. The maternity line of clothes has become much more fashionable than they used to and more importantly, much more comfortable.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Stretch marks are a painful side effect of pregnancy. Your growing bump will begin stretching your skin, causing painful dryness. There are new, developing a range of products in the market to combat this situation. During this time, moisturising is key. Apart from staying well-hydrated, your skin will still need an external form of moisture. Invest in a good moisturiser and don’t hesitate to lather up on it. Massaging it in right before bed is ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep.

3. Take a trip to the dentist

Dentist visits are never comforting. However, hormonal and nutritional imbalances during pregnancy could take a toll on your teeth. You are more prone to cavities, plaque or gingivitis during pregnancy and now would be the best time to get it corrected. Gum diseases also become common, having adverse effects on your health. So, make sure to take care of your teeth too and visit the clinic for a checkup, so your doctor can detect any probable issues early and fix the situation before it gets worse.

4. Maintain a pregnancy journal

If you’re already into journaling, that’s great. If you’re not, however, now is a great time to start. Consider keeping a dream journal too. This is optional. However, waking up in the middle of the night for pee-breaks does give you a higher probability of remembering some of your bizarre dreams. Maintaining a journal is a great destresser. Moreover, it is also a fun way to look back upon some of the bizarre pregnancy moments and share it with your kids.

5. Catch a break.

This is the perfect time to take that vacation or sit back and rejuvenate in the comfort of your home, or even pack in as much time as you can with your friends, family and spouse. By the time you’ve reached the second trimester, your morning sickness should have stopped, you should be feeling more energetic and most importantly, the excitement would have kicked in. This is your happy time, so make sure you make the most of it.

The don’ts

1. Avoid over the counter drugs

By now, you should already know that taking medications without your doctor’s knowledge is not a good idea. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor and ask which medicines would be safe and appropriate to take. Your baby’s health depends on what you ingest, so even a mild medication could have an effect on the baby. So, call your doctor and let them know your problems no matter how mild they may seem and let them guide you on how to treat the symptoms.

2. Don’t sleep on your back

During this phase, when your baby is growing, it is always advised to sleep on your left side to avoid the weight being pushed onto your spine. Sleeping on your back could also cause shortness of breath or block the blood supply to your baby. For additional comfort, consider placing a pillow between your legs to sleep comfortably.

3. Avoid missing your appointments

Getting certain tests done may be crucial to rule out any possible implications. Doctors suggest it to be preventive and cautious. A regular ultrasound is important to ensure the baby is growing normally. So, avoid skipping appointments and be regular with your checkups.

4. Avoid starving yourself

Maintaining a healthy diet is one thing, but starving yourself should never be an option, especially during pregnancy. Even if it is not due to a diet, it’s always better to avoid staying hungry for too long to maintain yours and your baby’s blood sugar levels. A good tip is to keep some snacks with you at all times.

5. Avoid strenuous or dangerous sports

Avoid playing sports, as this could cause you to exert too much energy or could potentially cause injuries. Enjoy your recreational activities, however, be sure to stay cautious and stay away from dangerous sports. Your doctor would be able to guide you further on how to stay safe and what kind of sports to avoid during this trimester.

Apart from these, ensure to follow some of the lifestyle and health dos and don’ts from your first trimester, like maintaining a balanced diet, getting in some mild exercise or quitting harmful habits like smoking and drinking.











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