5 Fights You Cannot Avoid With Your Motherinlaw

5 Fights You Cannot Avoid With Your Motherinlaw

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Marriage is confusing. Yes, the ups and downs can be overwhelming and sometimes you just want to curl up in a fetal position and hide; A lot of the times, the person responsible is the lady of the house, your mother-in-law. One minute she’s all smiles and the very next she glares and walks away. What goes on in the mind of Queen Bee is impenetrable but sure can cause a whole lot of hurt.

Here are some fights you will inevitably have with her:

1. She is a Masterchef

So, let it be known that your mother-in-law is the greatest cook to have ever lived because that is what she believes. Almost every day, all your food is criticized. Too much salt or no salt at all. You can never keep her son happy with cooking food like that! Your food will never be good enough for your dearest mummy in law so always be prepared for a battle over food.

2. She is the guru of cleanliness

She is the guru of cleanliness and keeps her house cleaner than you do.No matter how hard you try to dust it all away, she will always find that one spot you missed and mock you over it. This is a fight you can never win so don’t even try!

3. She is Ritual Queen

So, somebody has crowned her to be the queen of rituals and is the only one who can do the rituals, justice. You, on the other hand, don’t even know how to hold up your hands in prayer the right way. This is what she believes. And trust me, there is no way you can convince her otherwise.

4. She is the mother of all mothers

She will tell you that you do not know how to raise a child and that she is great at it as she raised your husband! According to her, you spoil your child and also at times are too strict. You can never get it right! She believes in this with all her heart and will constantly teach you how to teach your own kids.

5. She is the best Judge

Your sister-in-law is a better mom and a better cook. She will throw this line at you every chance she gets and when you are at your worst. She will also tell you this when you are feeling particularly happy. So, you should at all times be weary of this.

Your mother-in-law is only human. Forgive her. Try to establish a friendship or maybe just a peace treaty. She feels insecure about not being as important to her son anymore and about having to share him and this reflects a great deal in her words. Smile, you are doing the best you can.











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