5 Foods To Include In Your Post Pregnancy Diet And Why Xyz

5 Foods To Include In Your Post Pregnancy Diet And Why Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Eating the right type of foods after the birth of your child is crucial for you as well as your baby since your baby receives all the required nutrition from you. Here are 5 foods you can include in your daily diet to keep you and your baby healthy.

1. Eggs

Eggs are a rich source of protein. Omelets, hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs – take your pick and roll with it. Consumption of eggs on a daily basis is known to raise good cholesterol levels in the body, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

2. Pulses

Pulses are rich in vitamin, mineral, fiber, and protein. Including them in your daily diet will help you in losing weight as they prevent fat from accumulating in your body. Pulses are so versatile that you can use them in many different recipes.

3. Oats

Eating a bowl of oatmeal every day for breakfast is recommended for increasing milk supply, although there is no scientific evidence to it. But they are a great source of iron, calcium, carbohydrates, and fiber. Oats will also help in constipation problems. You can either go the savory route by adding spices and vegetables to boiled oats or to satisfy your sweet tooth, add some fruits into the mix.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is known to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, help manage weight and minimize cholesterol. You can add turmeric to warm milk or include it as a spice in all your meals. This will help you from falling ill when you’re nursing your baby.

5. Almonds

Almonds or more commonly known as badam, are one of the best foods for a nursing mother. Raw almonds are a rich source of healthy proteins and calciums which will also help in the growth process of your baby.











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