5 Fun Activity Ideas For Kids Xyz

5 Fun Activity Ideas For Kids Xyz

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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There’s so many things your kid can do and yet you find yourself hit with the constant ‘I’m bored, mummy’. You don’t have to try and distract them with TV or video games all the time.

Here are a few fun activities that will get your kid excited for sure.

1. Water Balloon Fight

The perfect pastime for summer – a water balloon fight. Buy loads of balloons and fill them up with water before tying them. You can make teams with your child’s friends or just go for it one-on-one and start chucking water balloons at each other.

Pro tip : Use a narrow-mouthed tap to fill the water balloons to make your work easier.

2. Origami

The options are endless with origami. There are plenty of tutorials online, so you can watch them with your child and try to practice them. If your child like animals, then you can do an origami frog, dog, cat or anything you can imagine. Or you can do something like origami purse, box and flower. Start with something simple and then you build up to more complicated things.

3. T-shirt painting

Painting is in itself such a fun activity and when you add a T-shirt to the mix, there’s no stopping the creativity that your child unleashes. Buy plain white shirts and loads of fabric paints for your child to play with. You can also use vegetables like capsicum, ladyfingers and carrot as stamps to give a textured print on the t-shirt.

4. Pillow forts

How can you go wrong with pillow forts? Pull up all the pillows you have in your house and arrange them in a way that is comfortable for you and your little one to sit on. This gives a cozy feeling and you can even up the comfort quotient a little further by throwing in a sheet on top of the pillows to make it look like a tent. It’s like camping in your living room!

5. Collage making

A bunch of newspaper cutouts, photographs and glue – that’s all you’re going to need to make a super fun collage. When it’s done, you can frame it and hang it on the wall as a memory of your kid’s collage-making skills.