5 Hacks To Make Your Babys Hair Grow Faster

5 Hacks To Make Your Babys Hair Grow Faster

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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For these parents, here are some of tips to make their sweetie’s hair grow faster, stronger and healthier.

1. Oil Massaging

Applying oil on your baby’s scalp is very important. Massaging the scalp gently helps in improving the blood circulation. Oiling not only helps nourish your baby’s hair, but also provides an adequate amount of much-needed moisture to keep the scalp non-itchy and flakes-free. You can use and experiment with different oils and observe the changes to see what works best for your baby. Coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil, mustard oil, ayurvedic hair oils, olive oil and castor oil are some that can be used.

You can also try various mixtures of these oils for better results. Try mixing coconut oil and castor oil together, and massaging and leaving it overnight on your baby’s hair.

For others, you can use Mahabhringraj oil and neem in equal proportion and use it on oil baby’s hair on alternate days.

Also, add a few rice grains and 4-5 pepper seeds in coconut oil and mix it while heating. Use it after it cools down. It will help in boosting hair growth.

2. Diet

Nutrition is the key to your baby’s growth as well as for their hair growth. Make sure that your baby’s diet includes plenty of vitamin D and proteins like apricot, pumpkin, salmon, carrot, almonds, eggs, and walnuts. Include a diet that is rich in B12 and Vitamin E. Give them dates and 2-3 almonds each day to help enhance their hair growth.

3. Shampoo and Conditioning

For your baby’s scalp, always use a mild shampoo or soap. If you have been using a particular shampoo for a long time, then try and switch to soap and vice versa. It might help. Apply a little bit of warm oil on the scalp and avoid using shampoo or soap on a daily basis.

Conditioning is a must for hair. It protects the hair’s texture from the ruins that the weather can cause and makes it easier to detangle. If your baby’s hair is curly or dry, you can try using a homemade formula to give your baby extra smooth and shiny hair.

Massaging a mixture of honey and extra virgin oil on your baby’s scalp and leaving it for 15 minutes will work wonders.

The combination of avocado pulp, a tablespoon of honey and coconut milk will give your baby’s scalp deep conditioning. Apply this mix and leave it for just 15 minutes and wash with shampoo as usual.

Some other natural conditioners that can be used are curd, egg white and hibiscus.

4. Detangling and Brushing

A baby’s hair gets tangled easily. If not combed and brushed timely, uncompromising knots will be formed and to get rid of them, you will have to cut them. To avoid this situation, you should keep the following in mind: don’t wash your baby’s hair too often. This leads to rough texture and dry hair, which will get tangled more easily. It also removes natural scalp oil, which is needed to keep your baby’s scalp and hair soft.

Curly hair can be quite problematic. Brush your baby’s hair often to do away with the curly knots.

Try and brush your baby’s hair at least twice on a daily basis. This will not only improve blood circulation but will also strengthen the hair follicles, which are the roots of hair strands.

5. Use Gelatin

Unknown to many, gelatin has properties that are good for your baby’s hair growth. It contains amino acids – glycine and proline. These are an essential part of our diet, but as babies are more dependent on liquid carbohydrates, they are not able to consume these as much. These amino acids not only strengthen an infant’s hair, but also help in building up their immune systems.

To include gelatin in your baby’s hair care routine, you need to mix gelatin with equal parts of hot and cold water and a teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar each. Mix it nicely and then massage your baby’s scalp with it. Let it dry and then with the help of shampoo or soap, wash it.











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