5 Home Remedies For Dry Skin In Babies

5 Home Remedies For Dry Skin In Babies

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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It is not uncommon for babies to have dry skin. Given how delicate their skin is, it is very easy for them to have dry skin or patches on their body, especially in winters or if it’s less humid outside.

In such cases, it is a little tiresome to search for products that would heal dry skin and we totally understand why.

Hence, today we have 5 home remedies lined up for your baby’s dry skin. Pay attention to them, as they’re pretty easy and will provide your baby with a lot of relief.

1. Cut Down On Bathing Time

Babies must have a short bathing session. Their skin isn’t meant to stand water for as long as an adult’s skin would and hence, 10 minutes is enough for them. Water only hardens their skin and peels off the natural oil released by the body. So, 10 minutes is all your baby needs for a bath. This will reduce his/her skin’s dryness effectively.

2. Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure he/she has enough water in their body. Water, as you know, is essential for not one, but many functional aspects of the body. It is very important to soothe your baby’s skin.

3. Moisturize Their Body After Every Wash

It is extremely important to keep his/her body clean and moist at all times to avoid dry skin and irritability. Always remember to massage your baby’s skin gently with a moisturiser after you get him/her out of the bathtub. This will keep your baby’s skin from becoming dry.

4. Protection From Sunburn

Make sure she’s covered from head to toe on a day out or on a particularly sunny day. The harmful rays emitted by the sun are not good for your baby’s skin. It can result in dry skin and rough patches.

5. Use A Mild Cleanser

Never use the harsh soaps and shampoos you use on yourself. Your baby’s skin is very different from yours, which is why you have baby products as a separate commodity in the market. Make sure you use cleansers that are mild in terms of the chemicals they contain (it’s even better if it is chemical-free) and research well before buying the products.











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