5 Major Qualities To Look For In A Nanny

5 Major Qualities To Look For In A Nanny

6 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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As much as we all love children, they can be a handful at times. In India especially it is normal to hire help with your child. The person you hire must be motherly. She must be positive. She must be a lot of things as she will be creating an impression for your child. So while hiring someone here are a few important qualities you need to look out for!

Image of Mom playing with her child

1. Love for children

If this is the face your helper makes the first time she meets your child, you definitely know she’s not the one. She should be loving and nurturing and must be fond of your children to take good care of them!

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2. Responsible

If she seems like the person who would do this walk after doing something wrong. She is definitely a big NO NO. It’s only if she is responsible that she will do her job well! She should take responsibility and not shy away from it.

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3. Reliable

You should be able to trust the person you leave your child with. Make sure to do proper background checks and always check with hidden nanny cams to ensure the safety of your child.

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4. Experience

It’s better to always hire someone with experience. You can trust that they can handle any situation unlike this lady. Your child is your world so it’s not good to experiment who to leave them with.

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5. Basic first aid knowledge

It’s essential that your nanny has basic first aid skills. She should be able to control the situation. It may be funny to watch Mr. Bean but it won’t be funny if this is the state of your nanny!

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Apart from all this you should ensure that your nanny has sound judgement to react in a positive manner towards any situation. The care of your child depends on it. You must be able to freely communicate with her. She will form a big part of your child’s life. It’s crucial that she’s energetic and creative to ensure that she can keep with your child. Keep in mind that even after you interview and run a background check it’s prime that you keep a continual watch on her to make sure nothing goes wrong.