5 Married Couple Stereotypes That Are Mostly True

5 Married Couple Stereotypes That Are Mostly True

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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We’ve always dreamed of the day we will get married. We all have some kind of expectations about life after marriage. Truth be told, it is not all rosy and happy. Yes, there are some things that will exceed your expectations and make you the happiest person ever, but there are also a few stereotypes that are true.

Maybe something like these five given below?

1. The honeymoon period ceases soon

By this, we mean that married couples don’t really get to hop around like bunnies like they thought they could. The intimacy and fun lasts only for sometime. After giving birth to your little miracle, all of this comes to a stand still. You get so busy with work and parenting that intimacy ceases to be a word in your dictionary.

2. Husbands can never remember anniversaries

It’s true! Husbands usually forget anniversaries. The first time you both met, the first time you both went on a proper date, your wedding anniversary, name it and it’s all forgotten. Though this may upset you, it does have an upside to it. They end up feeling so guilty that whatever you wish for, you are bound to get it.

3. No more date nights

Being a parent, a husband/wife, an employee and a caretaker will take up so much of your time that you will have no time left to plan out a date night with your husband/wife. After changing your baby’s dirty diaper a gazillion times, there’s just no energy to deck up for a date.

4. Hot topic = Baby

The conversations of a married couple would become more and more limited. The most frequent topic that comes up is your child. Their education, their food, their playtime, or their health is all you will be talking about. It’s true! You have to get used to it (or make an effort to change this).

5. Constant bickering

When you have lived a life that is completely different from your husband’s lifestyle, it is only understandable that there will be a few arguments that will come up. From small little things like where you keep the wet towels to bigger things such as an evening activity or household chores, all of these will result in some bickering. It will take sometime to adjust to each others lifestyle, but give it some time and you will find a common ground, where both of you will be happy.

Though these might be true, they all have an upside to it. Remember, the grass might be greener on the other side, but don’t forget to notice that the grass on your side is just as green. A marriage is made in heaven, and all we need to do is look at the bright side and enjoy these small things in life for as long as they last.











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