5 Moms Confess That Motherhood Is Anything But Boring

5 Moms Confess That Motherhood Is Anything But Boring

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Were you curious about what kind of mom you would be when you had your little angel or laid in your arms? Not knowing your way through motherhood during pregnancy is more than understandable and it isn’t really your fault. Moreover, it is puzzling, but you figure it out with time.

Here, we take you on the crazy side of motherhood with 5 mom confessions.

1. “When I Put The Blame On My Daughter”

“I always detested that green saree my mother-in-law had bought me on Diwali. I mean, I know Diwali is about colors, but when it comes to our choices, they just never match. I absolutely hated that particular shade of green that she got me, and worse, she forced me to wear it to almost every family function (which I even did a couple of times to make her happy). Though I come back to the bedroom one day after hearing my daughter’s bottle of milk and to my surprise (happy, of course) I saw my daughter smearing my lipstick on the saree. What do I do now, I thought? Guess smear some more makeup on it, so it’s not wearable at all. Oh how fun it was, and my mom-in-law didn’t even mind for who gets upset with a baby?”

2. “When I Left My Baby At The Pediatrician Reception”

“My son was 2 when this happened. He had a recurring fever with a temperature of 101 degree Celsius and I couldn’t help but panic. We drove to the pediatrician who, after checking up on him, gave me a long list of tonics and tablets I had to feed him at home. I decided to leave my son with another man who seemed to have been waiting for his turn with his daughter to go the pharmacy and guess what happened after that? Like any other (ir)responsible mother, I forgot to pick my son up from the reception and went straight to the parking lot. It only occurred to me after I started my car that I also had a baby with me when I parked my car the first time here. It was silly, but I still had a good laugh at myself.”

3. “When I Was Too Lazy To Change The Sheets”

“It was 3 AM in the morning when my son decided to pee for the 10th time on the sheet. We were out of our diaper stock at the same time, unfortunately. My husband was on a night shift and hence, I had no help to run to the pharmacy at that time. Well, I was also too lazy to get up and change the sheet. So, I just cleaned my baby with essentials that I had with me on the bedside and went to sleep on the same wet sheet.”

4 “When I Pushed My Baby Accidentally While Snapping Her”

“I was crazy about clicking photographs of my daughter when she was a toddler. She’s all grown up now and is 5 at the moment. But when she was 2, it was all I did, and once I don’t know why, but I felt like clicking a picture of hers on the swing set we had on the lawn outside. I got her to sit and adjusted her hair and everything, after which I thought her dress was a little crumpled under her legs, and while I had got up to adjust it a little, I accidentally pushed her off the swing set. She ended up falling on her back and it was a crazy riot of tears that followed afterward.”

5. “When I Left My Baby In Her Poop With Her Grandma”

“It was a Thursday morning and I was getting really late to work. Not only did I have an hour drive to work to follow, but I also had to drop my daughter off to my mom’s for babysitting. With my laptop bag on one arm and my daughter in the right, I ran to the door realizing she had pooped in her diaper halfway through. Since I was getting so late, I just handed her over to Ma and left without giving her a head’s up about her recent shenanigans. I did get a call from her a little later though and she was upset with my impatient attitude.”