5 Moms Confess Their Worst Days As New Moms

5 Moms Confess Their Worst Days As New Moms

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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People say that “seemingly horrid days make the funniest stories”, and in that respect, these moms have a lot to laugh about in their lives. Here, a few mothers have confessed their worst time with their little innocent dolls. Listen to their worst days of being a new mom and laugh with them.

Listen to their worst days of being a new mom and laugh with them.

1. “I hadn’t finished changing his diaper”

“So that day was the first time I was changing my son’s diaper all alone. Before that day, either my husband or my mother was always with me. I knew he had already pooped in the diaper, but what I didn’t know was how often babies poop. While I was changing the diaper, he was crying a lot. I thought it was just because he was feeling very cold, but clearly, I was very wrong. How do I know this? Because he farted the next minute and then he pooped some more. Let me remind you again, I had not completed changing his diaper so he ended up pooping in my hand. I had the warm, semi-liquid goo in my hand. I will never, ever be able to forget that feeling.”

– Sangeetha P, 27.

2. “Where did they go now”

“I am a mother of two beautiful, but extremely naughty twins. That just means double the trouble. I had taken my 2-year-old super naughty toddlers shopping. It was a big mall, but I thought I could handle them myself. I was very wrong about that. The thing with my twins is that, when one does something naughty and bad, the other one has to one up the other one always. So, one of my toddlers decides that hiding from me among all the clothes in the store would be funny, and so my other one thought if he could call him out on that, it would be worse. He did not tell me, he told the manager of the store. I’ve been called the “irresponsible mom” since then.”

– Chitra M, 25.

3. “It had only been a few seconds”

“Cleaning up takes hours and messing up takes a few seconds. I learnt this great message from my tiny daughter. My daughter and I were playing in the room when I heard the cooker screaming on top of its lungs in the kitchen. So I got up and left to the kitchen to switch it off. It had only been a few seconds since I was gone and she had turned the room upside down. Lipstick on the walls and all the toys on the floor. Since then, I decided that whenever I’m leaving the room, I will put her in the crib first.”

– Tamara U, 22.

4. “Covered in vomit”

“I was extremely tired from the wedding I had just attended. I was in a heavy saree and high heels all day long, meeting relatives and greeting them in all sorts of ways. So, when it was time to meet my little angel again, I was very happy. She was in a pink frilly dress and a cute bow on her hairband. She has just eaten and so was not fussy. My mother who was home with her told me that she had also burped my little girl. So I was generally playing with her, throwing her up in the air. The 3rd time I did it, she puked on my face. I was completely covered in vomit. All I can think about at that time was “What a great welcome.”

– Dolly S, 26.

5. “Going bald for him”

“When my son arrived into this world, I knew I would give anything up for him. He means the world to me, but I never thought I would eventually be going bald for him. Long story short, we were on the bed sleeping and I was teaching him to soothe himself and so I was not responding to his cry. To get my attention, he yanked a bunch of my hair out. What a delight my son is to spend time with.”

– Juna C, 23.











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