5 Mother In Law Behaviours That Are Just So Annoying

5 Mother In Law Behaviours That Are Just So Annoying

24 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Mothers-in-law sure can be obnoxious. When you and your married friends get together, there are quite a number of things about each of your respective mothers-in-law that you vent about. Sometimes, mothers-in-law overstep, undermine and simply refuse to appreciate and it’s time we address the behaviors of mothers-in-law that are simply unacceptable:

1. When She is Nosy in the Matters of the Heart

The occasional argument you have with your husband is a lot more traumatic with his mother trying to mediate it. She will say one word and then a couple more until the entire situation is blown out of proportion. What’s worse is that you can’t ask her to back off because it seems like the rudest thing to do!

2. When She is Interior Decoration Extraordinaire

So, you catch up on some much-needed spa time. You get home relaxed and rejuvenated only to find that your house has been turned upside down. This dread that comes upon you is incomparable when all the kitchen jars have been meddled with. She says she thought things were out of place and goes to sleep and you, for life you, cannot get any sleep.

3. When She Gives You Presents that are Less Than Perfect

She has a gift for you and you get your hopes up about what mommy dearest has decided to get you. Don’t get happy, just yet. She has decided to gift you a saree that you wouldn’t wear even if you ran out of sarees to wear. A saree that hurts your eyes when you look at it.

4. When She Thinks Her Son Can Do No Wrong

She has brought him into this world and this somehow makes him infallible. He is perfect to her even when he is so obviously, in the wrong. All you seek is someone to confide in when he messes up but she is nothing but hostile to you.

5. When She Criticizes The Cooking

You cook with all of your heart and all she does is critique your cooking. A meal is judged by her and all of your enthusiasm takes a hike. It is especially annoying when everybody else enjoys the food but her.

Well, Mothers-in-law will be Mothers-in-law.











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