5 Must Have Clothes For Your Wardrobe After Having A Baby

5 Must Have Clothes For Your Wardrobe After Having A Baby

21 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Pregnancy takes quite a toll on your body and it’s understandable that you can’t get back into shape within days or weeks after you give birth. But keep your chin up! This is the best part about post pregnancy because you get to go wild shopping for new clothes! There are tonnes of different sexy and stylish fashion and wardrobe options out there for mums. You just have to know what to buy, which is where we come in.

Here are a few of our suggestion in the clothes department:

1. Boho Blouses

boho blouse

Boho blouses are life savers and fashion statements. These can be styled in many different ways. You could wear them over jeans, or with a belt. You can wear them with leggings. They can be paired with cardigans and jackets. There are a lot of cute designs to choose from which range from simple to outrageous. These blouses aren’t tight on your stomach and let your tummy breathe.

If you want the best, one brand you can try out is Koovs which you can purchase at their website. To try out other brands, go here.

2. Leggings/Maternity Jeans

maternity jeans

Leggings have a twofold advantage. The first is that they are super comfortable. And the second is that you get them in many varieties with cute designs. High waisted ones will also help tuck in your tummy (slightly). The best part about them is they they can be paired with anything – either a casual T shirt, or a button down formal Shirt, or a dress. If you want a slightly less casual look, you could also try out maternity jeans. These give you the benefit of the denim look with the added benefit of being designed specifically to give your expanded tummy the place it needs.

There are many brands of leggings to try out as these are abundantly available. Some that you can try out are Lux Lyra and Jockey. Purchase them here.

3. Button Down Shirts

button down shirt

Button down shirts are not only stylish, but also practical. The varieties of shirts you can buy are endless. You can get block colors, block print, floral, stripes, anything that suits your taste. Stripes have been found to give the illusion of slimness. The practicality comes in when we talk about breastfeeding. When you’re in public or out of the house in general, you may find it awkward to lift up your t-shirt to feed your baby, regardless of whether or not you have a sheet/cover. Button down shirts can prevent this awkward blouse-lifting. There are many good brands to choose from, including AJIO, Forever 21, Allen Solly, Roadster, etc.

To purchase these you can go here.

4. Dresses


Loose dresses not only flow over your body, but they also make you feel pretty and confident in your own skin. The loose fabric doesn’t stick to your skin, therefore it didn’t accentuate the expansion of your body. They are nice to lounge in and to go out in and they let your body breathe.

You can purchase dresses from Forever 21, United Colours of Benetton, Vero Moda, and others. Purchase these here.

5. Long Cardigans

long cardigan

The benefit of wearing these is that they downplay the actual amount of fat/flesh on your body and give you a more toned appearance. It addition, it can be paired with jeans, leggings, tank tops, or normal blouses. It gives you a slimmer appearance which you will welcome in those first few months. You can also make it look stylish by wearing a belt at the waist. You can try out cardigans made by aarbee, Pilot, Fort Collins, and many others. Purchase these and many others to choose from, here.

Do keep in mind that you must work on getting back into shape alongside making the right wardrobe choices. Fashion choices are sort of a loophole to get out of dealing with your unflattering figure after childbirth. But if you truly want to look good, it’ll require some amount of effort from your part which includes exercising and watching what and how much you eat for a while.











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