5 Products To Ensure Your Baby Is Germ Free After Playing

5 Products To Ensure Your Baby Is Germ Free After Playing

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Babies are their own masters and you can’t really tame or control them. They’re like tornados that spin from one end of the house to another, sometimes breaking the dishes, and other times, just smearing and smudging mud all over not just their face, but yours too. Now, this may seem adorable at first, but as a mom, it’s outright torture in the long run.

With all the ruckus your baby creates around you and the house, they’re not only jeopardising their own health but also making you susceptible to multiple infections.

Hence, we bring to you 5 tried and tested products in the market to protect your baby’s skin and make sure it’s germ-free.

1. Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Baby Soap

This soap here is to keep your baby’s skin moist and germ-free. It contains honey, sunflower, castor oil and milk that moisturise your baby’s skin and reduce itching and inflammation. It’s easily available both at pharmacies and online shopping sites.

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2. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

These wipes are made up of 98% pure water and aloe vera extract, which keep your baby germ-free after play time. All you have to do is wipe the dirty area with these after you’re done washing it with running water.

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3. Desitin Rapid Relief Cream

This cream is extremely useful for maintaining germ-free skin, ensures softness post bath and is also effective for rashes. It contains zinc oxide, which instantly forms a protective layer on your baby’s skin and hence, makes a protective layer over it. We suggest you give it a try!

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4. Chicco No Tears Shampoo

This product is sensitive towards the skin of babies, as it doesn’t contain any dye or alcoholic elements. It works against all skin allergies and keeps them at bay with every wash. Hence, we suggest you give it a try, as we suspect your baby will love the product too.

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5. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

The Himalaya baby shampoo should be a must on your list of baby products to buy. It is gentle, chemical-free and helps keep your baby’s scalp germ-free for most of the day. So, the next time you see him/her rolling over in the sand, get him/her to the bathroom for a warm bath with this shampoo to wash away all the germs.

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Take care!