5 Reasons Dads Matter More Than We Think

5 Reasons Dads Matter More Than We Think

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Father’s Day is around the corner and we must celebrate it as grandly as we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is sad we don’t see that many pictures of social media or gifts being circulated on Father’s Day, and it mainly has to do with the fact that Fathers aren’t considered to be as involved as mothers when it comes to parenting.

Stereotypes have us believing that it’s the mothers who are more involved in the parenting job. Believing mothers contribute to the larger part of parenting is, in most cases, an honest, innocent mistake. We don’t blame people who this way either, for we all have created this stereotype, and have been doing so for the longest time.

However, now that Father’s Day is around, we must acknowledge a father’s’ role in parenting too. Let us look at 5 very important reasons why dads matter more than we think they do.

1. They Make Perfect Role Models For Their Daughters

You must have heard of daughters being “daddy’s princesses” and well, it certainly holds true in many cases. This is so because these dads love their daughters more than themselves and are protective of them to an extent they will hurt anyone who dares hurt their princess.

However, besides this love and protection, there’s another reason why dads are so important for fathers. Research has shown that an involved father is a perfect role model for his daughter to look up to, in terms of her expectations from men when she grows up. Being used to the behavioural pattern that she observes at home, she learns to be loved, respected and cared for by men when she looks at her father who is doing the same to her and her mother. If the dad isn’t as considerate and kind as a parent as he should be, the daughter feels the same is the case with all men. In this way, fathers have a huge impact on their daughters.

2. They Influence Their Sons To Become Better Men Too

Not only daughters, fathers have a huge impact on their sons too. Being in a society that is dominated mainly by men, children look up to their fathers a lot. They search for direction towards adulthood in their father’s behaviour and aim to be what their fathers are when they grow up. In case the father is seen to be aggressive or even violent at home, it’s not surprising to see the son showing similar behaviour when they grow up.

Fathers who have a compassionate and humanitarian behaviour end up teaching their sons to be the same and hence, we acknowledge such dads with all our hearts.

3. They Partake In The Parenting Process

It’s the 21st century we’re living in and our social lives have changed drastically with time. Parenting in today’s day and age have become a shared responsibility between the father and mother, and not just the mother. With the onset of modernity and more women choosing to have a career, fathers have learnt to partake in the parenting process. Their role has increased from just being the monetary support to also being the emotional support their kids need, and we mustn’t ignore this change at all.

4. They Encourage Their Children To Take Risks

While mothers make sure their children are safer in the playground, it’s the fathers who encourage them to go ahead and take risks. They’ll also be the first ones to run with first aid if required, but the fact that they’re also there to cheer them to go face the world is what makes them so awesome, and we know you agree with us on this.

5. They Have Their Own Sense Of Parenting Unlike Mothers

Mother and fathers are completely different from each other and no, they can’t fill each other’s shoes even if they try to. Psychology has proven that fathers have a distinct identity from mothers as parents. Children are hugely influenced by how their fathers are towards them, and the response they get in terms of either acceptance or rejection plays a huge role in shaping their confidence as adults.

Hence, loving fathers have a huge role to play in building the identity of their children. Thank you, dads!











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