5 Reasons Why Having An Elder Sister Is So Much Fun Xyz

5 Reasons Why Having An Elder Sister Is So Much Fun Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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We’re always hearing about how older brothers are protective, caring, supportive, fun and blah blah blah. Let us tell you something – elder sisters are equally, if not more, fun! Elder sisters have the advantage of empathy and of course, experience.

Now, we know that sometimes having an elder sister can be extremely irritating, whether you’re 6 years old or 60, but having said that, elder sisters are the absolute best! Here’s why –

1. She took all the trouble before you

Well, the only reason you didn’t get as many scoldings for coming home late was not because your parents suddenly decided to become generous. It was because your sister had already made the path easy for you after doing it herself!

2. She can fight off your bullies

As you’re growing up, you can’t always run off to your parents when something goes wrong. Your sister, on the other hand, can fight off big bad bullies for you when you feel like you need some help!

3. She’s your role model

If you had been an only child or the eldest child, your world view would be formed by your parents. Whereas when you have an elder sister, you have a different perspective on the world as well as a role model to emulate.

4. She helped you grow

Parents don’t always tell you everything. Sometimes we do the growing up on our own, whether it is learning how to handle certain situations, or even talking about your first crush, or swearing, or teaching you how to use a pad or a tampon – she’s always been there.

5. She’s your superhero

She was a teacher, friend, campaign manager, mother, job searcher, influencer, fashion guru, chauffeur, actor, motivator, rule-breaker, clothes-donator, cook – all of them, whenever you needed her to be it. Most of all, she is the best friend anyone could ever ask for!

Share it with your sister and tell her what she means to you!











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