5 Signs That Your Marriage Has Become Boring And How To Keep The Magic Alive

5 Signs That Your Marriage Has Become Boring And How To Keep The Magic Alive

8 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Have you ever thought to yourself about how boring the relationship with your husband has become? Sometimes when you think about the two of you, it must give you the bored and fed up vibes.

Yes, it quite scary if you think about it that way. You don’t want to be that boring couple who has absolutely no interest in each other. It usually happens once the honeymoon period begins to fade away.

There was excitement and spontaneity this whole time and when you find it slipping away, it makes you question yourself about a lot of things like your physical appearance, the kind of food you cook etc. It messes up your whole functionality and you begin over-thinking so much that you conclude that your husband doesn’t like you anymore and is probably cheating on you. Fret not because you’re not the only one dealing with this kind of boredom.

1.The butterflies in your stomach died

You used to have jittery feelings back then when everything was new. Now you’re just too bored and you have become “USED TO IT”. The kisses he gave you made you feel like you’re on top of the world. But now, it all seems so blah and dead.

To heal this problem, you need to take it to the bedroom and heal yourselves with some kinky intimate games. It is totally okay to experiment things on each other. A change has never hurt anybody. Who knows, it might just help you get back into the game. All you need to do is push the right buttons!

2. Lack of attention

When the fluttery and happy feelings begin to die a slow death, your partner and you would end up avoiding the bedroom too. This is a clear sign that you have lost interest in each other. When sex doesn’t work to patch things up, something is definitely off.

To heal this, you need to do a lot of pillows talking. Psychologically, you both have to talk your differences out so that your understanding becomes better with time. It isn’t going to change overnight, but you will see your relationship blooming all over again.

3. Spontaneity

If you can’t remember when was the last time you and your husband made love to each other, your relationship is probably rolling downhill. You never have to plan on a date to actually have sex! It is a feeling from within and filled with wild desires.

To heal this, surprise him and catch him off guard! Trust me, woman, he will not deny it. Factually, men love being surprised as much as you do. You’re an irresistible goddess with all natural goodness.

4. When there’s nothing left to talk about

Those long nights of absolute silence where you can actually hear the clock ticking can become emotionally painful for you and your partner. It is not because you don’t want to talk, it’s just that you have run out of things to talk about.

The only way to sort this out is by taking interest in each other’s lives. You need to genuinely talk about things that could interest your partner. Don’t worry, your love isn’t lost, you have to just rekindle the flame.

5. Tale of the wandering eyes

You’re in a relationship and your partner keeps checking out the others while you’re with him and trying to work things out, chances are that he’s just bored in the relationship. You have to be cautious enough to avoid your partner from cheating on you. Usually, boredom creates a rift between two lovers, so avoid that from happening at all costs.

Now that you know of these 5 warning signs, keep it real and let the love pour back into your lives!