5 Signs Your In Laws Are Looking Out For You Even If You Think They Aren’T

5 Signs Your In Laws Are Looking Out For You Even If You Think They Aren’T

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Relationships with in-laws aren’t exactly the sweet ones and the struggle seems to be from both ends. For all we know, there happens to be a universal clash between both the generations in the “in-laws” club, even though the scenarios might differ from family to family.

We know these relationships are very delicate, but you need to understand that being a recent addition into someone’s life is not easy too. Especially among adults, it takes the time to settle things, and it is both their likes and dislikes that make them either similar or incompatible with each other. It is for this reason that every relationship among adults requires immense patience and dedication from both ends.

Keeping this in mind, we want to help you realise that your relationship with your in-laws is not all that bad, and it requires a little patience and a broader perspective.

Let us look at 5 positive signs that will confirm the fact that your parents-in-law are looking out for you, even if you didn’t know they were.

1. They listen to both you and your husband during an argument

You must give it to your in-laws if they’re the kind to give fair judgments to an argument between you and your husband. It is not very often that your in-laws listen to you, as in a lot of cases they choose to side blindly with their son. Hence, if you feel your in-laws are just and care only about the prosperity of your relationship, they’re definitely looking out for you.

2. They change their dinner timings according to your work schedule

You know how stringent the older generation gets when it comes to things like food habits and timings, irrespective of time and place. But in case you have parents-in-law that are considerate enough to change their dinner time from 8 pm to 9 pm because that’s when you return from work, then you’ve got parents-in-law who truly care about you and your health. They indeed are looking out for you. They might not say that out loud to you, but the fact that they’re making changes in the routine they’ve followed for years says a lot about their love for you. Observe more carefully.

3. They buy you a little something every time they shop

This is the simplest way to find out if you’re actually accepted by your in-laws. Every time your parents-in-law go shopping and they remember to get a little something for you along with presents for their son, you must realise they have your (best) interest at heart. You are a part of the family for them now (emotionally).

4. They don’t really put pressure on you to do household chores

Knowing your work (or even if you don’t), if they treat you like a daughter and not domestic help at home, they surely love you as a family. In case you have a family that doesn’t force you to go to the kitchen or clean the house every day, you have in-laws that really respect and care for you as their own.

5. They don’t mind your parents coming over every now and then

You must observe your in-laws’ attitude towards your parents. In case you find it to be positive and friendly, your parents-in-law have proved that they don’t just consider you as a family, but your parents too. Those constant dinner plans or family outings are a happy sign of both the families blending and you must take it as a positive sign.











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