5 Superstitions Indian Moms Must Stop Believing

5 Superstitions Indian Moms Must Stop Believing

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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India is known to be a land of many cultures and perhaps along with that, come a ton of superstitions. These myths may seem ridiculous to us today but what’s even more ridiculous is that till this day, there are people who still believe in it. Motherhood may be a very protective time but here are a couple of superstitions that need to be busted, immediately.

1. Eating papayas causes a miscarriage

papaya pregnancy

This is a fairly common myth doing the rounds and it’s about time it be put to rest. This statement has some logic behind it, but is highly exaggerated. Papaya is known to contain some amount of latex, that result in the release of hormones that trigger labour, or increased contractions in pregnant women. However, the fruit definitely doesn’t contain enough latex to influence the entire birth cycle of your child. If you love papayas are inclined to still believe this myth, try eating ripe papayas, as they contain less latex so you can have your cake and eat it too!

2. Intercourse positions affect the child’s gender


Anyone with half a brain would realise the illogicality of this myth. Granted, we are a society obsessed with the determination of the child’s sex, even praying for it to be a boy. However, it is just crossing all boundaries to associate sexual positions to the gender of the child. In certain cases, even blaming the woman for the birth of a girl child. It is the male who releases the X or Y chromosome into a woman during intercourse, so if anyone is to blame, it is the man. Definitely not the sexual position.

3. Saffron makes the baby fair


Barring gender, the next topic of obsession of Indian parents is the skin colour of their child. Mothers are known to feed their daughters-in-law saffron in milk, saffron in water, or saffron in any form, to get a white baby. Saffron does have a lot of health benefits, including increasing immunity, however making the baby fairer is not one of them.

4. Expecting mothers shouldn’t go out during an eclipse

trippy dog

This myth probably resulted from a lack of knowledge about why an eclipse is caused and anything unknown was feared. It is believed that if a mother steps outside during an eclipse, the child is born with certain deformities. Maybe you can use this to your advantage and take some well deserved rest but it should be known that a star a couple billion miles away can have no bearing on the health of your unborn baby.

5. Don’t buy anything for your baby before birth

baby in a shopping basket

This one is actually the most logical of them all. It started in a time when infant mortality was very high and mothers would have to suffer through looking at merchandise meant for their baby and feel more miserable about losing their baby. To avoid this, it was advised not to shop till the baby is born. However, we need to adapt with the times and realise shopping after the baby is born is next to impossible, given everything else you’ll have to take care of. You’ll be deemed a very unprepared and unworthy parent. So please do the needful to make your baby feel welcome when he or she arrive.











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