5 Surprising Things Wives Wish They Could Change About Their Husbands

5 Surprising Things Wives Wish They Could Change About Their Husbands

1 Jul 2022 | 2 min Read


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Some things that husbands do can bring out the worst side in you. These are a couple of annoying habits that you would want to desperately change in him. This could be possible for you is you try and put it across subtly. Ensure that you do not hurt his feelings, as it might backfire.

1. Dressing style

Your husband’s sense of style may make you cringe, especially when it comes to social gatherings. Try to put out neatly ironed clothes, an outfit that you like, for him. Doing this will save you both the time and energy of an argument.

2.Walking around the house while brushing his teeth

Brushing his teeth around the house can be disgusting when it is the first thing you see in the morning. Try and tell him gently. We’re pretty sure they will understand.

3. Grooming

Ungroomed facial hair can be a turn off for some women. Get them a really expensive grooming razor, thereby pushing him to use the new gadget.

4. Inappropriate conversations

Your husband tends to make conversations with your friends awkward even though this is not his intention. Try changing the topic every time he does this or gives him a slight hint with a glance (signal) that the two of you understand.

5. Eating like a barbarian

It can be embarrassing for you to go out with your husband to high-end places when he eats in a way that embarrasses you and gets unwanted attention from people around you. Not having table manners can be a big turnoff when the two of you are out. Try to subtly slip it into a conversation without hurting their feelings.











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