5 Things Every Man Wants From His Wife

5 Things Every Man Wants From His Wife

4 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Marriage – A holy union of love between 2 individuals. It’s full of twists and turns that’ll keep you on your feet as you try to navigate through the maze unharmed. If only marriage came with an instruction manual to make things easier, right? Unfortunately, every marriage is as unique as the people involved in it, but there are a few things that your husband expects or rather needs from you in your marriage and they are:

1. Respect

Mutual respect is crucial in a marriage. Respect your husband as much as you want to be respected. Show him that you respect him both in words and actions. Every husband wants to hear his wife say that she’s proud of him and everything he’s achieved.

2. Trust

Just like respect, trust is a two-way street. Everything will come crumbling down if there’s no trust in the relationship. Your husband appreciates an ‘all the best’ rather than a ‘Is anybody else going to be with you?’ when he’s leaving for an important trip or a meeting. Trust your husband to do what is right and also make his own mistakes and learn from them.

3. Intimacy

Being intimate with you on a physical level is not only bodily pleasure but also a way of connecting on a deeper level for your husband. Sex is not as superficial as it sounds, especially in a marriage. If you feel like you have intimacy problems, talk to your husband and sort them out. He might not be as obtuse as you think he is to the little things.

4. Support

Your husband expects you to support him in all his endeavors. Maybe it’s a life altering decision like his career or something small like choosing the right sofa, try not to undermine his decisions all the time. Be a supporting and an understanding wife. After all, you’d want the same from your husband.

5. Space

It’s a new relationship for both of you and you might be getting to know each other, but it’s easy to lose sense of oneself when you’re trying to please the other person. So, it’s important that there’s certain privacy and space between 2 individuals no matter how in love they are. Respect your husband’s personal space and come to peace with the fact that not everything that’s your husband’s is yours.











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