5 Things Nobody Tells You About A Normal Delivery

5 Things Nobody Tells You About A Normal Delivery

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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You’re probably wondering, why should I read this article when I know all there is to know about childbirth? Well you’re not completely wrong, you probably have attended all the childbirth lessons, perfected your ‘hee-hee-hoos’, been well informed by your gynaecologist and not to forget those unsolicited advice that were just handed to you. So, I really don’t blame you for feeling well prepared but what most classes and people forget to mention or rather warn you about are the little unexpected things that could go down in that delivery room. So, that’s what we’re here for!

Below are some of those nitty gritties of childbirth that no one usually tells you about.

1. Things may not go as planned

You probably have prepared yourself a detailed birth plan of how you expect things to proceed during the childbirth. However, I must let you know that when the time comes you will not be looking through your bag for those soothing essential oils you read about. Yes, this is because things can get rushed during labour. Moreover, you can’t predict what could happen, your doctor could be unavailable or you may not get that room you wanted. Going into labour is an unexpected phenomenon and hence the process of childbirth too can sometimes not go as planned.

2. You may not get to eat

Most women will not be allowed to eat while in labour as there’s always a possibility of a caesarean to occur. Hence the mothers to be are generally supposed to limit themselves to liquids. However, even though you’d think that people eating around you would make you hungry, food is probably the last thing you’d think of while in labour.

3. Expect a lot of pushing

Even though you are probably well aware of how to push, women tend to underestimate how much they will have to push. Movie and TV shows could probably be the ones to blame for this. A few ten pushes are mostly not enough when you have 3-hour long childbirth.

4. There may be poo

Speaking of embarrassing, this is one thing that is most likely to happen and in reality, shouldn’t be quite as unexpected as you are aware of all the pushing that occurs. However, you might be surprised by how common an occurrence this is and how little doctors, nurses and even you would care about it as clearly in this case there are bigger priorities at hand to care about.

However, despite all these rather difficult things you might have to go through during childbirth, it must be said that childbirth is indeed the easy part. You have an entire lifetime of raising the child as life throws various hurdles on the way. Moreover, most women tend to forget all that they just went through once the child is born as that moment is priceless so be sure to cherish it.











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