5 Things To Know About Every Engineer Husband Xyz

5 Things To Know About Every Engineer Husband Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Since time immemorial engineers have been working on varied and different technologies in different eras and driving the world forward. But the engineers of yore and the engineers of this modern day have changed tremendously.

Marriage in itself is one big endeavour and hence, every person needs the correct partner. But, as you may notice, the profession of your husband actually drives and shapes both his and your life and speaking of which here are 5 things about an engineer husband you should know.

1. TV series

One of the best and major time pass of every person is watching television and more specifically, the different types of TV series. But, what you probably didn’t know was that your husband has watched more of TV series than you could even count in his engineering life alone. And what’s more interesting is that he still sees the same episodes again plus other series as well and that is indeed one of his favourite time passes.

2. LIFE: A Project

Sometimes you might have wondered that how is it that your husband is able to work on each and every problem so efficiently without complaining or cribbing about it. Well, the answer is really simple, it is his habit to take anything he does be it as big as buying a house to as small as changing your child’s diaper as a project. And now we all know what a project means to an Engineer. They are famous for taking their projects as some sort of gospel verdict and getting it done effectively and efficiently like clockwork.

3. Planning stuff

And now, since the clockwork efficiency of the husbands has come in the limelight, another thing which is contrary to popular belief is that your engineer husbands have already planned both their and your life way ahead into the future and taken care of even the most minute details. Having been had so much of idle time in their college life, they probably planned their entire life to as detailed as an hourly analysis. This, in turn, results in them getting annoyed or angry if you delay in doing something by even 5 minutes. So probably it’s the best time for you to get to know their entire planning.

4. The stress factor

Stress is the one thing which makes an ordinary person Superman. You must have already noticed that even though your husband has almost similar working hours as compared to other professionals, he stays under immense stress and pressure and that might almost always worry you and make you feel tense. But, worry not, for your husband intentionally puts himself into these types of situations including the fact that he is always completing his work till the last moment and bringing it home too. It’s not something which is hazardous to him as he is already a pro in working under stress. In fact, if you directly ask him this you will actually find that he works better under these stressful conditions rather than in the laidback and planned lifestyle. You can say that he always tries to challenge himself.

5. The females in life

Last but not the least, the most important thing of all. The number of women in your husband’s Facebook list or in the phone will definitely be high. And almost none of them will be from the same college as his and yes indeed he must still be complimenting them a lot. But don’t worry; another lesser known fact about engineers is that although he may talk to or compliment a lot of other women when he is committed to you, he is probably more committed and faithful than you. It’s just that having more female friends than male friends becomes somewhat of a habit for them and it is an obvious fact that they will be a bit over friendly with them. And still, they will love you with the same intensity they have been for all the time gone by.

Engineers are one fascinating and complex creatures of their own who have rewired their entire nervous system to see and build the world as they want it to be. And yet, they have the biggest heart and will probably love you more than anyone else ever did or could. So understand them, talk to them and trust them for they indeed try to take the burden of the entire world on their shoulders all the while trying their best to keep you shadowed from all the worries or troubles of the world.











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