5 Things To Learn From Dear Zindagi

5 Things To Learn From Dear Zindagi

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Dear Zindagi is more than just a movie you need to watch but a letter to life, however difficult it may seem, however bad it gets. You may watch this movie to have a good time but what you should be watching this movie for is Life lessons; Lessons in love, and care, and compassion without the drama of bollywood. Mothers, can take a lot back home from this movie. Here are lessons to learn from Dear Zindagi, lessons that greatly apply to motherhood:

1. The Tough Decision is not Always the Right One

We put ourselves through hell sometimes, because we feel it is the only way we will get what we want. Motherhood is such, we try to push ourselves to our limits for our children. Sometimes, I believe it is best to ask them to do their bit too. Instead of doing everything, leave a little in line for the tiny tots so, they may learn responsibility.

2. The Past is in the Past

‘Don’t let your past blackmail your present into ruining your beautiful future’ is what Shah Rukh’s character says and rightly so. Why should some bitter memory ruin your chances of making beautiful ones? Whether it is a complicated pregnancy or something your child said that hurt you or that you couldn’t look after your child while he or she was sick. Put it to one side, go on and do not think about it. Thinking about the past will do no good.

3. A Second Chance is the right thing to do

People make mistakes. But we shouldn’t be judged based on them. Your kids may mess up and say the wrong thing. Your husband may not care, may not be there for you enough but that does not mean he doesn’t love you or that your kids don’t. Instead of being upset try to help them learn from their mistakes.

4. Friends are Forever

Your friends may be old ones or may be other mom friends you have just made. Mark these words, when there is no one, there is a friend. You can rely on them for support, for advice or head straight to their house to cry on their shoulder. Keep in touch with all your friends, Mummy. When you really need someone they will rise to the occasion.

5. It is okay to cry

Cry it out if its all getting too much for you. Crying does not hint weakness and it certainly does not mean that you have given up. Expression of emotions is the healthy way to lead your life. Your children, your partner and your family will be your pillar in times like these. It is okay to let go!

Get in touch with life again. Learn lessons, laugh and love. Life is beautiful, anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.











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