5 Things To Tell Your Husband This Fathers Day

5 Things To Tell Your Husband This Fathers Day

30 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Today is Father’s Day and the first thing to do is definitely to call up all the fathers out there and thank them for everything they’ve done to get us to where we are today. But in this overwhelming rush of affection and reminiscence for our dad’s, let’s not forget to show some appreciation to all the husbands out there, the to-be dads and the just-turned dads, on behalf of the babies who aren’t old enough to do it themselves yet!

1. Couldn’t have done it without you

Amidst all the importance and attention moms get, let’s not forget who was there to handle all the mood swings, the cranky mornings after sleepless nights, the midnight drives to fulfil some irrational food cravings and provider of all the emotional support you needed during life’s most enriching experiences. Remind your husband that even though the baby shower was for you, his role was equally important as yours, and that it would have been a nightmare without him.

2. Thank you

A plain and simple appreciation sometimes means the most. Thank your husband for being the rock you could depend on, and for being your partner through it all. He would probably willingly take your pain and discomfort away if he could, and it can be aggravating to be that helpless when someone you love is faced with such a painful situation. So thank him for every little thing he did to ensure you were as comfortable as you could possibly be.

3. Tell him how he complements you

You both could be poles apart and there would be a ton of things you despise doing as a parent which he happens to love. He fills in the gaps you cannot while you do the same for him. Parenting is a partnership where you both need each other to be the best version of parents you can be for your child. So tell him exactly what he does that makes him a great father which you are incapable of doing and compliment him on it.

4. You’re his support system

There’ll be times where he feels like he’s failing as a father and it’ll go on to him doubting his capabilities as person who can head the household. That’s when you step in to remind him of what a great job he’s doing and a couple of fights with your kid isn’t a show of his failure. This rock bottom is something all men face and it’s a huge comfort to them when they know that you’ll support them through it.

5. He’s as important to your kid as a mother

So many times, mostly unknowingly, your husband gets shunted to the side when it comes to taking care of your child. No doubt a child has a special attachment to their mom but a father’s impact is as tremendous as a mother’s. So remind your husband from time to time that even though your child may want his mommy to tuck him into bed or tell him a story, his dad is equally important.











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