5 Things You Need To Know About Hairfall After Pregnancy

5 Things You Need To Know About Hairfall After Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Having a baby comes with tons of responsibilities and it changes your life completely. It means you need to devote yourself to your baby. Although it causes a lot of stress, as there are changes in hormones, it is one of the most beautiful experiences for any woman to have!

Speaking of hormones, you might have experienced great hair during pregnancy and drastic hair fall soon qafter delivery. You shouldn’t be worried at all because hair fall tends to occur during this time.

While you were pregnant, you would have had thick locks of hair. This is because of high levels of estrogen were in your body.

Therefore your hair went into a state where it would just stop growing. So, the strands of hair that were supposed to fall off did not fall due to this hormonal change.

In case you are worried about the hair fall, here’s what you can do

1. Have Food Rich In Minerals

Hair fall occurs mostly due to deficiency of nutrients like vitamins, iron and zinc.You need to watch what you eat. Eat foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex, which are known to help reduce hair fall. You must eat food products like soy, whole grains, oranges, sprouts, legumes, nuts and green peas.

Pro-tip: Drinking buttermilk on a regular basis does wonders!

2. Be Merciful To Your Hair

Avoid styling as much as possible. You are ruining your hair! You will end up feeling like an absolute wreck with your hair falling apart. So, using hair styling products like curling irons and straighteners is a bad idea because they harm your hair roots and could induce more hair fall.

As for hair colors? Forget about them for a while! You will regret it.

3. Say Yes To Massages

Massages generally help increase blood circulation. Heat oil to a lukewarm temperature and massage your scalp using your fingertips. It not just helps blood circulation, but also leaves you relaxed and calm.

4. Herbal Products Are Your Best Friends

Bhringraj is known for its wondrous hair repairing quality. It nourishes your damaged hair from the root to the tip of your hair. You can either make a paste of the leaves and apply it on your scalp, or you can make a powder with the dried leaves and mix it with honey and milk to consume it.

5. Select The Right Shampoo

Using shampoos that have a good amount of keratin and biotin is a smart choice. Since they both are known for their property of promoting hair growth, they will be the best for you to regain all the lost hair!

Take care to keep the above advice in mind and you will no doubt have hair “on fleek” everyday.