5 Things You Say As A Mother Xyz

5 Things You Say As A Mother Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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“You will understand when you become a mother” has been the most famous line of every mother from eons and every time a mother says it, the child gets annoyed. Your mother too must have said the same line to you atleast once. But the true meaning behind that line is discovered when you actually become a mother. Then you understand that the things your mother did and the concerns she showed were all truly justified.

Motherhood makes you do and say a lot of things which even you wouldnt have believed you would ever say and yet here are somethings that you have definitely said or thought atleast once.

1. “Oh My God!! I sound just like my mom”

There comes a moment in every mother’s life when she realises that the way she is talking to her child is exactly like the way her mother used to talk to her. Then, all of a sudden, she realises she sounds just like her mom

2. “Stop scratching in public”

One thing that you used to probably be grossed out by before you became a mother is what you have to comment on as your kid is doing it. Scratching in public is something that children tend to do and the mother has to stop them. A sign that you have matured tremendously.

3. “When I was your age…”

The age old line that our parents used to say to us has now become our favourite line. So probably now you get it, no matter how hard you try you eventually end up saying this, one time or the other. Its high time you realized that.

4. “I hate the day you were born”

Children, while being cute and adorable, can sometimes frustrate even the most patient of mothers. Sometimes, it even feels that they just love annoying their mothers and testing her patience. So it is normal and obvious for you to say this to your child or even think about it. We know you will never mean it truly.

5. “I cant believe you came out of me”

Yup, another thing that a frustrated or even grossed out mother would definitely say is she just can’t believe that the child actually came out from her. And sometimes, she actually really can’t believe it.

Motherhood, no matter how tiring, is still one of the best thing that a mother goes through and something that puts every mother through a never ending roller coaster of emotions. You will say things you should not have, you will not say things you should have and you will do things you should or shouldn’t have. But be sure, no matter what you say in the heat of the moment, you will always love your child and will always want the best for them.











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