5 Things Youll Miss When Your Baby Grows Up

5 Things Youll Miss When Your Baby Grows Up

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Don’t you wish for your tiny tot to never grew up? How you wish he or she stayed little and lovely. As your baby grows up, little to ye big in a couple of years, you just sit and wonder as to where all the time went.

Here are 5 little things you’ll miss about your baby being little:

1. The way they sleep

When your little one used to nestle up, going to sleep on your chest. Their cuddles, their snuggles, the way their breath felt against your skin. How you would remain motionless for hours on end, for the fear of waking them. Now, they just want to run around and do things that don’t involve you being anywhere near. Sigh! If you could just make them little again.

2. Their Firsts

Remember the exhilaration that came over you when your baby first said, ‘mama’? Or the mad euphoria when they took their first step? The thing you will most miss when your kids are grown up is them beginning to grow up. Their first tooth, their first day at school, these firsts won’t ever slip from your memory and you’ll find yourself wanting to turn back time.

3. Their hand in yours

Remember when your baby first grabbed your finger? How complete did you feel? Your happiness knew no bounds. When he or she held your hand on long walks, held onto you while nodding off or even the spontaneous hugs and kisses they bestowed on you. They grow up too soon!

4. Their curiosity

How they questioned everything. The glimmer in their eyes when they found out. The wonder and fascination of life. How their presence breathed life into life itself! You would become a child with your child and this is perhaps the most heartbreaking thing.

5. Their birthdays

Singing happy birthday to your tiny tot when ‘birthday’ was something they found hard to spell, was a thing of beauty. Baking cakes, inviting other little ones to the party and secretly shopping for presents. Birthdays were the rainbows in the paradise that was your kid’s childhood.

Being a parent is perhaps the most enriching, enlightening experience of one’s life. It marks your evolution as a person. The art of parenting is mostly knowing when to let go, but savoring those sweet sweet memories is no crime. Hold your kids down and give them a hug or two and do it with their friends around, no matter how much they dread it. It is your primal right as a parent to embarrass your child!