5 Things Your Husband Does That Makes You Love Him Even More

5 Things Your Husband Does That Makes You Love Him Even More

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Parenting is no walk in the park but having someone by your side, every step of the way, sure can make it a joy. Your husband in his own way, makes your day when he helps out with the baby. Here are 5 little things your hubby does that makes you love him in a big way:

1. When he changes the baby’s diaper!

tom and jerry change baby's diaper

When he changes the diaper. Don’t you just love him when he, voluntarily, decides to change the baby’s diaper? You are just down and out and then, your little one begins to cry again. You know, instinctively that the little cutie has soiled their diaper and needs a change and you curse the day you were born. Just then, your husband swoops in to save the day. Fearless of the stickiness and the smelliness of the situation, he takes it on himself to brighten your day. And you cannot help falling in love all over again.

2. When he plays with the baby

dad playing with baby

When you see your husband giving your baby a back ride. Your heart beams with happiness and sheer love for him. He has just come back from work and is tired as all hell but still decides to play with the tiny tot. The baby chews away at his face and fingers and you just think to yourself, How lucky you are to have found him.

3. When he takes care of the baby in the middle of the night

dad taking care of baby

You are just about to fall asleep and just then, like the universe does not approve of your happiness, your baby begins to cry AGAIN. You are about to lose it and breakdown but your Husband saves the day. He takes control of the baby, rocks the little one to sleep and tiptoes back into the room. What a wonderful thing it is, Marriage.

4. When he babysits

dad kissing grumpy baby

So, your friends are planning a meet up and although, you really want to go you know you need to stay home with your child. Your husband rises to the occasion and tells you he will stay back and you are just floored. Isn’t he just the best? You’re away with your friends but he is on your mind the whole time.

5. When he says the right things

husband saying the right things

‘You are the best mom’, he says to reassure you on the very hard days. ‘You can do it!’, on the days you are lost on hope. ‘I love you’, on the days you are difficult to love. Husbands are a blessing. Their expression of the immensity of their love for your child and you may falter but the feeling never does. The little things he does, they are the things that really count. And just when you think you can’t love him anymore than you do right then, he hugs your baby, and you love him some more.

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family.











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