5 Things Your Husband Wants To Tell You After Pregnancy

5 Things Your Husband Wants To Tell You After Pregnancy

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Your husband wants you, his wife, to know these things; but doesn’t always know how to say it, perhaps he’s struggling with the right way to put it, afraid of being misunderstood or above all, hurting your feelings.

Here are 5 things he wants to tell you after pregnancy:

1. Sex

After months of being deprived of you, the desire isn’t going to be subtle anymore. It’s understandable that your libido is suppressed, the tiredness trumps the appetite for sex. You’re just not in the mood but, step one is to get in the mood. Brownie points for initiating it before he does. The best way is to plan for it beforehand, make a date night out of it, let your in-laws handle the kid for a while.

2. Your body

The weight gain post pregnancy is inevitable and those stretch marks? You earned them nurturing a life inside, so don’t be acting like they’re embarrassing. At this point, the relationship has certainly transcended physical appearances. Also, your boobs aren’t saggy, they’re nice and have a purpose now.

3. Appreciation

Sure, it was his duty as a husband to take care of you while you were carrying the baby, getting you what was needed when you needed it and he understands how much you value his support. But being vocal about it has a whole new effect, a modest thank you and a peck on the cheek means a lot. Also, sharing the chores around the house, now that you’re feeling a bit better, isn’t a bad idea.

4. Alone time

As much as he cherishes time with you and the baby, men are solitary individuals by nature, they require some time alone to unwind. So the next time you see him sitting by himself, watching tv or reading; don’t chat him up, let him be. This is, of course, a generalization and certainly doesn’t apply to all men at all times.

5. Money

For the working couples living by themselves, money issues often come up. He wants you to be healthy and fine but rent, childcare, maids and other medical expenses quickly add up and sustaining on a single person’s salary might get difficult at times. Contribute by trying and resuming work as soon as physically possible to lighten the burden on him.











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