5 Times Mothers Have To Think Like Their Children To Understand Them Xyz

5 Times Mothers Have To Think Like Their Children To Understand Them Xyz

26 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Although children are little angels, they need to be taught life lessons by their caregivers, so they can be better functional human beings. It is the duty of the mother to help her child understand what is good and what is bad. They need to be taught etiquettes and the importance of following them.

Children need to understand what is good and why is it good. However, children are children and they don’t understand these things easily. They need to be taught in a way that they realize what they have been doing wrong.

Here are some ways in which you could help your child understand good behaviour and it’s importance.

1. Drama

Throwing temper tantrums in public places is not a new thing for children. They do this so that you feel embarrassed and give them what they want. Most moms succumb to this and give up. This way, you are spoiling your child and they take advantage of you.

If you’re facing this, here’s what you can do – act like them. Cry, crib, whine, scream..do whatever your kid does (but in a slightly more adult-like manner). Watch them react and feel weirded out and a little embarrassed. They will now understand how you feel when they behave the same way.

They’ll probably never do it again.

2. Food rejection

Your child will hate it when you try to feed him/her regular food. You need to fall down to their level to understand the things they like and dislike. First, you have got to talk to your child. If they still do not understand what you’re trying to say, then you have to use different methods to get him/her to eat.

You can try to make fancy shapes out of the food you’re giving them. Like, you can have a heart-shaped chapati instead of the regular round one. You could try and make animal-shaped food items to increase the food intake of your child. He/she is sure to change their food habits for the better this way.

3. Homework

Doing homework can be boring if it is done in the same monotonous way.There has to be a change or at least a fun way of doing it. Incorporate fun ideas to make your child understand concepts. Use cartoons and interactive methods like videos and animations to make things interesting and fun for your child.

4. Good habits

Good habits are like a child’s ornaments. In order to inculcate good habits in your child, you need to tell them about it first. Motivate them to understand the importance of good manners. Help them understand how to be respectful and use the ‘magical words’ – ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. If your child does not listen to you despite this, then show him/her how they have been behaving. Enact what they have been doing, so they can see what they are like when they behave a certain way. They will soon realize what they’re doing wrong and change their behaviour.











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