5 Times You Realised You Understood Your Mother Xyz

5 Times You Realised You Understood Your Mother Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Back when we were kids, all we did was wish for the time we became parents so we could do things differently. Our moms were so wrong and being so unreasonable all the time. We wanted to be the coolest moms ever. But now that we are all moms we get why our moms were like that. We even feel ourselves turning into our moms every now and then. Here is a flashback of things your moms did that you totally get now and relate to now that you are a parent yourself.

1. Her concept of keeping fewer, real-er friends

Sure, when you were a teen, all you wanted was to hoard a horde of friends. But now, as an adult, you realise what she meant when she said to know who will be there for you when you need it most. There really are only a few friends who you can rely on long after your marriage with whom you can discuss your everyday struggles. The ones that make those hurdles less of a chore and more of a joy. No wonder she only keeps a handful of friends she calls home every now and then.

2. Those times she rolled her eyes at youngsters

It is easy to relate to youngsters when you are a raging teen yourself. But after marriage and motherhood come along, you start seeing your own kid in every other kid you see on the street. So when a child misbehaves in front of you, or a teen does something inappropriate when their parents are not watching, you do this involuntary eye roll, much like the way your mom did at your friends when you were younger. (Or maybe she still does)

3. When she said, “You will understand when you are older.”

She was so right at that time but you were too young and naive to realise this. Now that you are older and wiser, you wish your kids would understand it when you tell them this, but they won’t. There are certain things you can only fully understand when you are a parent.

5. The time she was being unreasonable

So you came home half an hour past your curfew and your mom didn’t let you go anywhere with your friends for a month. Of course, you remember it clearly. You had to miss Susan’s birthday party where they had ordered that red velvet cake and you never thought you would forgive your mom for it. But now you understand the significance of that harsh punishment. You had broken that one rule she kept for you while you enjoy yourself and she had to know you would not repeat it again – you would do the same to your kids as well if they came staggering through the front door past 11 pm.

4. When she chose comfort over fashion

Your mom has always been wearing that warm snuggly sweater whenever it is cold out and she never forgets to wear socks either. When she is heading out to the store down the street, she just grabs her sneakers and she is set. She never listened to your own fashion tips – she only wore heels and all those fancy and uncomfortable clothes when there was a big occasion for it. Now that you are a mom, you understand why being comfortable trumps looking fab every single day.

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