5 Times You Realized Mother Knows Best

5 Times You Realized Mother Knows Best

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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All the times you whined and cringed at what mummy had to say. Her strict No’s, her wicked glares and her holding you back from things you were dying to do. You thought she wanted to see you sad, see you cry. How you would run to your room and cry yourself to sleep but despite all the misery, she was unwilling to budge. Now, you are a mom; Boy, if you could turn back time, how you would understand her. Here are 6 times you realized, Mummy was right:

1. Get up!

get up

Okay, there were days you wanted to roll over, sleep in late. But how could mummy let you miss a school day? She would wake you up, every possible way. Many of us aren’t unfamiliar to the bucket of cold water, now, are we? You have children now, and it takes every bit of your energy to wake the kiddos up. You feel her pain, you know her intentions were not pure evil; If only you understood then!

2. Do your Chores.

doing chores

Escaping your chores was the agenda of the day, everyday. Staying out late with friends, or playing the fool, chores were made to be avoided. Now, your kids do the same. The cruel cycle continues. You need help and you want your children to understand responsibility, but No. Your kids need to be the mirror of yourself as a child. Poor Mummy!

3. Drink Your Milk. Eat Your Food.

drinking milk

So, your children are averse to food and will run at the sight of anything green. It is a flashback to your childhood, running around the place battling that spoon full of nutrition and green goodness. If only you knew then what you know now. Milk was your mortal enemy and your kids are taking after you. Like Mother, Like children.

4. Keep Warm in the Winter

joey 6 sweaters

Sweaters and mittens, you never put them on when mummy said so. Now, your kids do the same with the addition of them hating socks and beanies too! Obviously, you woke up with a cold back in the day and now your kids are bound to do the same! Running around naked is never the best idea. Never ever. You know this now.

5. Sleep Early!

spongebob late night tv

Staying up late, watching tv was the thing to do when the lights went out. Your cartoons in the nights proved to be your best mate. But don’t you forget how sleepy and grogy you felt the day after. Sleeping in the maths class and being sent out. Needless to say, history repeats itself with your children and you wish you had just listened and that your kids listen, now.











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