5 Tips And Tricks To Feed Fussy Twins

5 Tips And Tricks To Feed Fussy Twins

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Feeding a fussy child can be a cumbersome task. But what’s tougher? Feeding two fussy babies! Right from the moment you found out you were expecting twins, you must’ve experienced a host of emotions, from pure shock to pure joy! And then comes the part with all the research and advice from your relatives and friends who have also been blessed with twins.

Still, nothing really prepares you for the real thing till you actually experience it all firsthand. And with twins comes twin trouble! Looking after two toddlers is extremely difficult, especially when they’re on different sleep and feeding schedules. Also, many babies are fussy eaters, it’s common knowledge. But two fussy eaters!!!

Well, worry not! We’re here to rescue you with some simple tips!

1. Keep them interested

Give your babies a wide variety of food options in their daily meals. It’s better if they have more options, as then they will not get too attached to some food items and refuse to eat anything else. Also, the problem with having favourites is that your toddlers might ultimately get bored of these and refuse to eat them all together. So, give them a diet that has a lot of different foods to keep it interesting.

2. Make it fun

Incorporate games and fun activities to make eating food a joyous activity for them! With twins, you can even declare a competition of who will finish their food first and that’s a pretty easy and quick way of feeding your kids. However, refrain from tempting them with prizes if they finish their food, as this can be problematic in the long run.

3. Set a proper meal time and stick to it

Getting your little ones used to a proper meal time goes a long way! If they are used to having meals at proper times, they are less likely to be fussy eaters. So, try and feed them at these set times and refrain from giving them big drinks or snacks right before their meal time.

4. Get together to eat

Try and sit together and eat as a family at set mealtimes. It is difficult if you and their dad are working, but try to do this as often as possible. Seeing others eat makes kids copy them and eat more than their usual amount. Also, eat the same food that you’re giving them as much as you can. This makes them much less moody and they get to learn by example!

5. Involve them

Involve your babies in the cooking process, just the small things. Take them with you when you go grocery shopping and show them the vegetables you’re buying, or entertain them while cooking by showing them the food being made. This helps them become familiar with what they eat and amuses them enough to make them eat the food.











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