5 Tips For Baby Care For The Summer

5 Tips For Baby Care For The Summer

4 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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If you’ve had a baby in the last couple of months, then you must surely be stressing over how you’re going to get through this summer in terms of protecting your little one from the scorching summer heat. Given below are five simple baby care tips that you must keep in mind this summer.

1. Keep your baby hydrated

Make sure that your little one stays hydrated during the summers. The immunity of a newborn is under development for around five to six months, thus making them prone to infections. So, kids should drink at least 11 ounces of water to avoid dehydration. Also, keep a check on the baby’s urine output.

2. The right diet

Another important precaution that needs taking care of is your baby’s diet. It is advisable to breastfeed your baby at least three to four times a day. This will keep him/her hydrated and prevent sweating that leads to loss of fluids from the body. Also, feed your child boiled milk at least once a day. You can also use powdered milk in summer, as cow’s milk can get spoiled easily. Including more fruits in your baby’s regular diet is advisable.

3. The right clothes

Choosing the right clothes for your little one is also essential to ensure proper skin care during summers. Generally, cotton is the most preferred fabric of the season and loose, fitted cotton clothes are ideal at this time. While on an outing, use a little sunscreen on your baby’s skin.

4. The right schedule

Since there are longer days and shorter nights in summers, you as a parent need to schedule your baby’s day sensibly. Plan your child’s outdoor activities in the evening instead of letting him/her playing at or past noon. It is best to avoid the peak hours of the sun’s heat, i.e., 12 pm to 4 pm. Try to keep them indoors in a cool, well-ventilated room.

5. Keep them away from diseases

Try to keep your baby hydrated and away from the sun to ensure that he stays free from any disease or illness. Hot and humid days can cause prickly heat rashes on the neck or back. In case child is suffering from rashes, you can try the following home remedies:

1. Mix curd with cooled boiled water and apply on the rash. It will gradually heal the skin.

2. You can also use Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) and apply on the affected skin. It has cooling properties and will slowly heal the rashes.

3. You may also use a calamine lotion which is good for the skin. But prior to using it, consult to your doctor or pediatrician.

Always be careful about trying any home remedies as the ingredients may not always be safe for young babies. These are some tips about baby care in summers. Do follow and share them with other parents.











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