5 Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

5 Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

4 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Mother’s milk is the best food for a newborn. It is filled with the highly desired nutrients and cells that help them build their initial immunity while also making sure that the child gets proper nutrition. That’s why, it is of utmost importance that for at least the first six months, the child is fed breast milk. But, for new mothers, breastfeeding can often be a troubling task that needs a lot of attention. So, to make it easier for you we have made a list of some tips that you can follow.

1. Help your baby latch on properly

The most important thing in the entire breastfeeding process is the baby latching on. It is important that the little one is properly able to suck milk properly. Improper latching might result in the baby not getting enough milk or even biting around the nipples in order to hold onto it. So, it is important that you help the little one latch on properly and even take help in doing so.

2. Let the baby decide

Your little one will automatically start crying when they are hungry and will themselves stop feeding when they are full. You forcing them onto a schedule will only make them feed less or even get irritated. So, let your baby set his/her own schedule and you should feed them accordingly.

3. Have a proper and nutritious diet

Whatever you eat yourself is eventually what turns into breast milk. So, the variety and type of nutrition your child is getting will depend significantly on the food that you eat. Thus, it is important that you yourself have a proper and healthy diet. Only then will you be able to provide proper milk to your little one. Also, whatever you eat can change the taste of your milk. So, try having different foods in order to give your little one a bit different taste.

4. Start breastfeeding immediately after birth

It is important that you start breastfeeding the little one immediately after they are born. The first milk that your body generates consists of almost all the essential nutrients that your baby needs. And so, you are asked to feed your baby within the one hour of after s/he is born. Plus, by starting this early, you help them understand how breastfeeding works and how they need to latch on.

5. Hold your baby in a comfortable way

During breastfeeding, it will often happen that you will need to hold onto your little one. So, it is important that you find the most comfortable position for both you and your baby. This way your little one will be able to get the appropriate nutrition and you will not get too tired. You can also put a pillow on your lap and then the baby on it in order to compensate for the height.











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