5 Types Of Indian Mothers In Law You Don’T Hear About Xyz

5 Types Of Indian Mothers In Law You Don’T Hear About Xyz

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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If you thought that this was going to be an article about evil Mothers-In-Law (MIL), then you’re going to be SO disappointed. There are far too many articles on the Internet going on and on about stereotypically selfish, jealous and unsupportive MILs, but not enough about the unsung heroines of Indian families. This is a list of Mothers-In-Law that no one ever tells you about, but exist in large enough numbers and are never appreciated.

Read on, and if you come across a type that is similar to yours, tell her how thankful you are that she is the way she is.

1. The One That Goes Out Of Her Way To Make Your Life Hassle-Free

These are the hardest ones to find. The ladies we are talking about are the ones that go beyond their way to make sure that their kids and kids’ spouses live a comfortable life. If you are an ambitious woman who wants to make a mark in your career and reach heights, the MIL we’ve mentioned here is someone who supports you and takes care of your children when you are away on business trips, and someone who manages your household during the times you’re at work. If you’re one of the lucky ones to find a mother-in-law who is as accommodating as this MIL, then you should definitely thank your stars!

2. The One Who Is NOT Jealous

Yes, we’ve all heard about MILs who are so jealous that their sons have a new woman in their lives, that they try and sabotage their son’s marriages. Very rarely do we hear about mothers who love their sons, but are also secure enough about their love to understand that their daughters-in-law aren’t hijacking their position (yes, such MILs actually exist in real life!). These ladies accept and welcome their daughters-in-laws and make them feel comfortable in their new roles as wives, while also ensuring that their sons learn to adapt to their new roles as husbands.

3. The One Who Thinks You ARE Good Enough For Her Son

Typically, MILs are shown to be women who constantly taunt their son’s wives because they think their sons could have done much better. WRONG. There are all kinds of people in the world, including women who appreciate other women, and women who respect their son’s choice and the women she is. If you’ve reached a point where you are even able to joke about your husband to your MIL, that means you’ve unlocked a new level of cool in your relationship with your MIL.

4. The One Who Is NOT Nosy

Mothers-in-law are nosy and interfering, right? Well, not really. While some MILs are like this, many of them are not really the kind that would poke their noses into the relationship between their son and his wife, and only ever provide advice when it is asked for. So, if you have a non-nosy MIL who knows her boundaries, then you have no reason to complain, at least about this particular quality!

5. The One Who Loves And Supports You

Yes, you read that right. There are many MILs who are loving, supportive, understanding and sometimes treat you better than they would their own daughters. These ladies are the reasons you have faith in your husband’s family, and they help you in every way they can. You sometimes feel blessed and cannot believe that you got this lucky, but then you realize that an awesome person like you deserves an awesome mother-in-law, and that is exactly what you got!