5 Unhealthy Foods That Will Help You Burn That Body Fat

5 Unhealthy Foods That Will Help You Burn That Body Fat

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Do you often talk yourself out of eating something with the worry that it would only add to your flabs? Most of these foods termed as unhealthy or fattening are the ones we keep away from to avoid putting on some extra weight. What if I told you there are some commonly labeled “fattening” foods that aren’t really so, but rather help burn some fat.

1. Ghee


Ghee, which is essentially clarified butter, is an ingredient found in every Indian household. We often remove it from our cooking as we focus only on its fat content. What most people don’t know is that ghee actually contains Omega 3 fatty acids. Yes, the same nutrient for which you turn to flax seeds and fish oil. Apart from this, ghee also contains Omega 6 fatty acids which have shown success in accelerating the process of reducing fat mass and increasing lean body mass. Ghee is also known to mobilize fat cells, making you burn fat faster. So think again before you scratch out this essential ingredient off your grocery list.

2. Potatoes

chip eyed

A common myth that exists is that potatoes add several extra inches to your waistline because of the starch it contains. However, some nutritionists think otherwise. It is a well-known fact that potatoes indeed contain a variety of essential vitamins, fibres, potassium and even calcium. Potatoes contain a fat burning carb known as resistant starch. This makes you feel full but doesn’t get absorbed. What it does, in turn, is that it triggers your body to burn more calories. So don’t hesitate to dig into some mashed potatoes (with little or no salt) or try roasting them in a microwave with a little oil.

3. Full-fat yogurt

woman eating full fat yogurt

Do you automatically grab the non-fat yogurt from the refrigerator in the supermarket? Interestingly, nutritionists are of the opinion that the difference between the two is minimal. One cup of non-fat yogurt contains 110 calories, however, since this doesn’t fill you up as much, you are tempted to indulge in more. Full-fat yogurt, on the other hand, contains 160 calories a cup.However, it prevents you from eating more as it fills you up quickly. Moreover, a Swedish study revealed that women of average weight who consumed full-fat dairy products were less likely to gain weight with age.

4. Eggs, yolks and all!

poached eggs

Most people do include eggs in their weight loss regime but tend to leave the yolk out. An interesting fact, however, is that the yolk contains all the vitamins, minerals like zinc, folate and potassium and other nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids. Although, people with high cholesterol are said not to eat egg on a regular basis. However, for those who do eat it, it makes more sense to eat the whole thing as a large portion of the essential nutrients come from the yolk. Research also shows that consuming eggs for breakfast limits the calorie intake of the entire day by at least 400 calories as you eggs make you feel full and hence you would limit your other food intake. So, go ahead and eat your eggs.

5. Pasta


I bet you didn’t expect that! But yes, pasta, similar to potatoes, are carbohydrates with not much calorie content. The calories come from the way we decide to dress the pasta, like with creamy sauces. Pasta cooked al dente actually helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. A good way to include pasta in your diet without having to worry about putting on some extra pounds is by adding a good amount of vegetables to your pasta, drizzling some olive oil and adding strips or chunks of chicken or fish.











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