5 Values A Mother Should Teach Her Son Xyz

5 Values A Mother Should Teach Her Son Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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The direction a person’s life will take depends on the values they learn from their parents and the type of childhood they have had. Every mother has a responsibility to impart the best of values in her son. Though most of the values that a mother imparts are same for both daughters and sons, some of them need to be specific to sons so that they understand their counterpart in a better way. We have made a list of all such values that a mother should teach her son.

1. Respect every woman

The most important lesson that every mother should definitely teach her son is to respect all women, in the same way, he respects his own mother. It is a very important first lesson for every child to know their own limits and be courteous, respectful and kind to all women and everyone else around him.

2. Be strong yet gentle at the same time

It is a patriarchal society we live in and in this society, all men are supposed to be strong, rough and emotionless. But that is not the case, while a boy is being strong, he should also know how to be gentle and soft at the same time. The person who is able to alternate between these two emotions quickly is able to achieve great heights.

3. Treat everyone equally

One of the most important values a son should be taught is to treat everyone equally. Both males and females are equal and should be treated in the same way and since it’s generally men dominating women, your son should be taught to not do that and treat the girls he will meet with equality.

4. It is okay to cry

The society tries to push down a man’s emotions by constantly smirking at him if he cries. This should never be the case. A mother should teach her son that it is okay to cry. Crying helps us release all the built up emotions and gives us a calm mind. Thinking of crying as some kind of bad thing is what leads to excess emotion build up and emotional breaking. So, let them cry.

5. Choose kindness over smartness

There are enough smart people in the world but not enough kind people. Winning over someone is not done by just smartness but by being kind and this is one of the most important lessons. A kind hearted person can move mountains and make kings bend in front of him.











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